What a strange old morning weather wise

What a strange old morning weather wise

Good morning everyone. I got up at 7am after for me was a brilliant nights sleep.. I settled down just before midnight and only got up once to go to the loo and i didn't get up until 7am.

Also i have a second opinion this week with my rheumys approval. So we will see if he can make me feel better than i am feeling.

I got up at 7am and the sun was shining and it looked a lovely morning out there,even if it was frosty. Since it has snowed and it is only 7.30am i mean what is going on with our weather.

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  • We've not had any snow on the NW coast but the sky is heavy & it's damp, confirmed by my aching joints!

    I have a blood test this morning to see if my increase in MTX has made any difference & from there straight to a Podietry appointment to see what they make of my feet.

    I'm pleased you had a good night's sleep Sylvi, I hope it was a healing one. Good luck with your second opinion meet! I'll look out for your update. x

  • I can't remember when i have slept that well darling. It is sunny and cold down here in the Midlands .xxxx

  • Good luck sweetie with the second opinion. We have had no snow at all this end of world thank the lord. Hugs to you xxx

  • snowing hard in Penistone Yorkshire got a good covering in the last hour 10am now the sun is trying to shine through the small patches of blue in the sky hope ever one is feeling ok today

  • Just been out to the bank and it is very sunny,but boy is it cold and windy out there.Am home now and i ache now. Who would believe a trip to the bank could take so much out of one.xxx

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