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bloody work again!!!!

Hi everybody, hope ur all well!?

Well I have spoken to the nras helpline, but I really can't believe what is happening now!!

Since my last meeting with ( hearts removed) H.R I have been signed off with my knee waiting for another steroid injection to get me walking again.

I refused my phased return to work which involved back on shift work and 12 hr night and day shifts, manual handling again, as I had reasonable adjustments in place working 7-3 pm everyday and restrictions on manual handling etc. My absence had gone down considerably also. I still struggle with 8 hrs as I have to drive 2 hrs back and forth too.

I now get a letter through the post , after a conversation with my team leader and basically all my terms and conditions have been changed at work and I'm expected to sign a new contract starting March 9th! Firstly I don't go back till that date. We have had no meetings to even discuss what they propose, app all my changes are now permanent, so on this basis I have lost £6000 per year which as a single man with a mortgage I cannot afford, my time off which was a week every 4 weeks which I use to do all my jobs that I can't do wen at work as so tired. I am still doing the same hours as everybody else as it is a annual agreement, just at different times, but they have cut everything from me without even a conversation. Even changed my start time to 8am but this will add at least another 45 mins to my day as I work in a city and traffic is bedlam, which is why I start now at 7 am. All this after I told them I am struggling with 8 hrs now with the fatigue and everything. I'm the only one at work with a disability and feel very singled out as I cannot do my job properly. Now I can't afford to even live each month!,

My Union rep is on the case!!

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Good idea getting union involved.

I was under the impression conditions of employment can not be changed unless extensive consultation has take place. With union involvement. If this has been done without that I am sure the union rep will have a field day. Also ask if you can see an occupational health advisor. They can advise work what you need and a medical opinion as to when you will be fit to return to work on a phased return. I was under the impression HR alone could not insist on a phased return unless they had this information. Also if your condiditon comes under DDA legislation- which RD does you can suggest you are being discriminated against. Hope you get it sorted soon, keep us informed xx


Hi franm I was sent to see works third party healthcare occupational/ musculoskeletal specialist 4 hrs away and he never examined me just said I prob have sleep apnea as get fatigued. They have not requested details from my specialist, GP , nurses and occ health so nothing to base anything on at all. My prob is its a physical job fork lift driving in the cold very bumpy and very painful so now 8 hrs is a struggle

Thanks for ur reply


If you are already in a contract and it has not expired I would have thought it illegal to try and make you sign a new one. Also if you are off sick it is illegal, well here in Oz it is, to change any work hours, sack you etc without consultation. Glad your union is on it.


I don' t have any words of wisdom but just wanted to wish you luck. It doesn't sound right what they are trying to do without consulting you first.


no! don't sign new contract!

Twill be an excuse to lay you off because will eventually say you'll be made redundant from your new position. It's a 'legal' loophole way of getting rid of people.

Don't sign anything and get advice. Perhaps someone on here will know?

ACAS can they help?


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