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update from the new gran

Have finally managed to negotiate this new site and have had the problems many of you also seem to have experienced but I am sure that we will all manage to get around it with more ease as time goes on, it is easy to think that the old way was the best but in a few months I think we will wonder what we were worried about and will find the new site simple to get around.

I have taken my 7th dose of the methotrexate today and have not had many problems with it although after about 10 hours I was feeling sick and quite windy so thought that today I would take it after lunch so that I would be in bed when the symptoms started, that hasn't worked I started with the symptoms after 3 hours but have increased to 20mg today will have to rethink for next week and probably take later still. Had decided to take in the morning as take my other meds then and more likely to remember if only take meds once a day.

Am now a gran to a lovely little boy called Harvey, His entry into this world was far from simple and as I blogged in my last message my daughter had pre-eclampsia and was far from well, she was taken into hospital on22nd June for induction and this was started at 10am, Didn't work so another dose given on 23rd waters went at 4am on 24th and she went down and started on the drip at 10am and I went down to the hospital and sat with her and son in law she progressed very slowly and eventually agreed to have an epidural as her blood pressure had gone very high, they couldn't give her this until her blood results were back and there was a technical problem in the lab, then her bloods had clotted so had to be repeated, eventually had the epidural at 4.30 and was able to have some relief and rest until 7pm when Harvey was showing some signs of distress and her labour was not progressing. At 7.20 they rushed her to theatre for an emergency caesarean and Harvey had to be resuscitated twice and was then taken to the neonatal unit, he had antibiotics and had problems with his blood sugars and they were both kept in hospital until 30th.

Thankfully they are both doing well at home now and have all settled into family life.

Thank you for all your kind comments and good wishes on my last post

Hoping you are all enjoying this lovely summer weather and that your conditions are relatively trouble free

take care crisxx

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Hi Cris, congratulations on becoming a new gran to Harvey, sounds like they both had a tough time of it but that's good they are both doing well now, a friend of mine had a very similar experience when she gave birth to her baby recently, I had to check the name again as I thought it could have been her! You sound like you are doing really well with MTX I got to week nine and had to stop taking it, you are on a much higher dose also, I've also had problems with Sulpha... think I'm a bit of a wimp!!! Good luck with everything xx


Hi Chris congratulations to you and your family especially baby Harvey you all went through a tough time by the sounds of it. And if you need help and advice you have come to the right place we are here 24/7 and what we don't know we can head you in the right direction Good luck with your meds I'm sure it will settle down..mattcass


Thank goodness your grandson was delivered safely. Harvey is a lovely name,it was also my maiden name so i have affection for the name. I had to have an emergancy op to deliver my daughter 29 yrs ago and when the nhs works well they are fantastic aren't they.

Now to your mtx problem,my rheumy always told me to take it at night so if there was any nausea you would be asleep. So try it at night and see how you get on.xxxx


I take my MTX last thing at night too, and like Sylvi says it seems to help with nausea etc as try to get to sleep before it affects me. And congratulation to you & daughter. Polly


Congratulations on your new grandson,I'am expecting my second grandchild at the end of August,exciting but always a worry as well. Pleased that your not having to many problems with the meds. Take care x


That must have been a very frightening and stressful experience for you re daughter and new grandson - congratulations but no wonder you are worried about forgetting to take your MTX!

I have tried morning, afternoon, evening and night time for my injectable MTX and so far night time is by far the best although I took Imodium with it this time in case it back fired on me while on holiday! Xx


Congratulations on the new grandson. I know from experience how the traumas of complicated births are.

I had a second grandson a few months ago now, and he's such a gorgeous baby that you soon come to forget all the problems associated with their birth and first few days.

All the best



Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson, glad they are doing well now. I was told to take my MTX tablets at night with my evening meal, so it sat on top of the food. I have never had any trouble with it at all. I am also on 20mg , I take them 2x10. I said i take a lot of tablets so can i have the least number poss.

Hope you get on better with the tablets. Hope your daughter and grandson continue to do well.



thank you all for the good wishes and for sharing your experiences of methotrexate and advice I am thinking I will try taking the methx at bed time next week

thanx again crisxx


Pleased all ended well welcome back.. sounds very traumatic x


Hiya Cris, congratulations!!!! i'm glad that you are not having to many side affects and hopefully they will pass as time goes on, I am on my 5th week of injections, but am still suffering with side affects to, i have now been given on top of folic acid anti sickness tablets to take when needed, i am getting around a lot better but am still suffering with a lot of fatigue, Really happy for you and your new arrival to the family, loving the name, Take care XXX


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