Daughter update

My daughter has now started chemo. First day today, walked i just as she was having a severe case of the shakes. got hold of her legs until they stopped. i was standing on my feet all the time. When i left she was on stage three of todays stuff. i told her i was going to give her a rest from me till monday. She said i will have had the stuff that makes her lose her hair then. This was to prepare me in case she was bold. I just said i will come and take things as they are no worries.

It doesn't help having a flare with my left ankle, its killing. Extra pain relief and a good rub with some cream that does seem to help.

Well thats it for now , hope everyone else is doing ok. Sending you all hugs. XXX


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  • Hope everything goes OK with your daughter and her chemo Chris.

    best wishes


  • Thanks the support from people on this site really helps. XXX


  • Hope all goes well. Best wishes. M x

  • Chris sending you and your daughter hugs and tell her from me her hair will grow back and there are loads of lovely hats she can wear darling.xxxx

  • She already has a wig at home done to to her style of cut. Thanks for your reply will tell my daughter that you are all thinking of her. XXX

    Hug and best wishes to all. XX


  • All the best, Mom!

  • Thank you for updating us Chris. I hope & wish for success on this part of her treatment & that she's not too poorly on it.

    You take care of you as well, you need to be as strong as you can be for her too remember. Hugs back. x

  • Best wishes to you both for the months ahead xx

  • Best wishes to you both x

  • strength and courage to you both.

  • All good things to you and your daughter during what must be a very challenging time. x

  • Hey Chris,

    Really sorry to hear of your troubles and hope your daughter gets well soon.

    Have you tried glucosamine gel or ibuprofen gel? If your in the UK the Boyes chain of shops sells both and has a lot of really inexpensive gels and creams for pain. ;)

    The optima glucosamine, aloe, devils claw and msm one is quite good. Cheap too at about £2-3.00

    Keep smiling and chat soon.

    Blessings on you all for a super happy and healthy Christmas.xx


  • I hope you can relax a wee bit from this very difficult situation. The best of everything to you both


  • It is my weekend off, even tho have rang her once today . She has also text me . she is having a new chemo drug and then a dose of what she had yesterday. That is the one that gave her the shakes which were head to toe, including her jaw.

    Thanks for all the replies they do help.

    sending you all hugs and best wishes for christmas. XXXX


  • Hi, you do have a lot to cope with at the moment. Please take care of yourself. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Babs x

  • Sending gentle hugs for you and your daughter as you go through this together!


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