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update on daughter

As you all know my daughter has had an on going illness that turned out to be Aplastic Anemia. She had some treatment back in April which was a cocktail of anti_biotic straight into her blood ( i believe) through an Henrick Feed, This they used for everything, Steroids etc. They were hoping this would save her from having to have a Bone Marrow Transplant. Well they have decided that its not worked as they have been having to give platelets plus full blood as hers are too low. The good news is both her brothers are a match and they have chosen the younger of the two. The tests that they both have to have start Tuesday. As far as i know its blood tests, x-rays, also MRI s for both of them. My daughter also has to have another Bone Marrow test done, this she finds very painful and her husband has to help hold her down. They both have a two hour appointments at different times. They are not allowed to be there at the same time.Fingers crossed all goes well for the two of them. I'm busy looking after the grt. grandkids so their mother can to work at the hospital as a care assistant.

I went for a MRI on Friday which was asked for by my Rhummy last month. They rang me up Friday dinner time with the appointment a cancellation for 7-15 . I took of cause. They said my rhummy would have the results in about 10 days for my appointment, to which i said my appointment is'nt till Jan 2016 . She let slip that i might get an earlier appointment once she has seen this. ? was my answer. For an answer i will have to ask GP as she said they will get notifacation of the results too. So i will wait and see i will have the results by the end of August one way or another. I was told years ago that i had spondylitis in the neck , this has never been mentioned again. The pain in my neck kills.

Thats it now sorry for long post. Will keep you all updated as i know anything so will you.

Hugs to all and hope you are not in as much pain as i. XXX


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Hope your daughter gets a transplant and it is


Wishing your daughter (& her brother) all the very best for positive results. Hope your MRI results come back quickly too Chris. x


Hope all goes well for your


Best wishes for your daughter. Clemmie


Hope all goes well for your daughter, and you get some relief soon. M xx


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