Got a phone call from the divisional manager

Well as the leaflet promised I got an email saying my formal complaint was being investigated.

Then I got a call from the divisional manager thanking me for making a formal complaint as she says she and the staff are embarrassed about me being cancelled at the theatre door and the staff were very angry on my behalf. She says it allows her to take it to the chief executive so it could help other people not to have my experience. she apologised and asked if I was upset at my treatment by staff, I said no and I realise I am not emergency but that this decision had hurt me and my family.

She went on to say that I could come in for my operation on 26 th November but that they still can't guarantee I will get done but I was high high high priority. It would have been petty to say I was priority last week!

ALS o she says they have started an investigation which will take to late December/early January BUT it would be very thorough and brings up management of emergency beds.

So she made m feel not only I was justified in my complaint but they are grateful i did it and I have a date in 10 days! Thanks gain for all your support Axx

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  • Good luck for the 26th! After your recent experiences, I do hope it all works out for you this time. It could work in your favour to have complained and for it to have been noted, as they might be reluctant to cancel you a second time in case you kick up too much fuss!!!!!

    Ally x

  • Hope so!

  • Dear allanha, sorry if this answer goes wrong but I have obviously pressed the wrong button and have got enormous type fonts as opposed to usual, normal human-being type fonts. Bit like being in a 4d cinema I think and very weird. What I wanted to say is that about 12 years ago one of our friends was booked into the NHS for brain surgery (therefore quite urgent). He got to the stage of being fully put to sleep but woke up back on the ward after his surgery had been cancelled so nothing had been done, apart from ruining his life!. I am appalled that this is still happening and feel so sorry for you, your family and friends. Everything that is possible to cross is now crossed for you, and I hope you can keep sane until the surgery is over and you are on the way to rehab. XX Virge God, now the screen has gone blue .... what am I doing!

  • The result is good this end Virge, so whatever is happening on your computer, is personal to you!

    Ally x

  • Hope that doesn't happen to me!! Fingers crossed Axx

  • Well done,!!!!! It just shows that complaining does help sometimes, Hope it goes well and you are not let down again.

    Take care x

  • And if everything is cancelled I will ask the manager to come to the ward and go straight as Polly (helix) says to my MP, if he's in the country as its William Hague !!

  • Good luck Allanah, hope it all goes well this time.

    Mary x

  • Well at least he's an MP with some clout! This time you won't actually expect to have the op until you've had it - SO hope it goes ahead and even more importantly goes well. Hopefully the surgeon and staff will be so pleased to get hold of you at last that they will do their absolutely tip top best by you too. TTxxx

  • Glad youv'e got a good response from the divisional manager and a new date for your surgery not too long away. Hope the response you get from your complaint answers the questions for you and leads to some learning for the trust. An official complaint often gets you taken more seriously and I would think your operation is much more likely to go ahead as they will be very reluctant to cancel again. Only hope that this improves the service for not just you but others in the future. Good luck for the 26th


  • yea good luck this time allanah .. hope it all not just goes well ..

    andy x

  • So glad to hear that you're complaint has met with understanding and contrition. Good that they are investigating too & perhaps they will be extra-motivated to keep to the date you've been given because of that. Good luck for the 26th. Christina x

  • Lets keep our fingers crossed allanah. I complained to the eliot about my knee op and they said they didn't do anything. It is now in the hands of the solicitor. I hope this time they don't let you down.xxxx

  • that's great, and the least she could do in the circumstances. Really hope that they've learnt their lesson and you file is covered with big stickers saying "don't cancel this person!" px

  • Thanks , i too dont think in my head it will happen now, and worried the staff wont be nice as i complained, but we will see. Also worrying that due to lack of beds i will get kicked out very quickly but the manager said that wont happen! But I am heartened when i read post like jenwight and shirl saying what a positive experience they having at their appointments. Think I just drew the short straw and also have the mum who doesnt want me to have the op saying "i told you so." Annoying!! Axx

  • Well done for standing up for yourself allanah, I hope everything goes ahead on 26th and you get the care you deserve. I doubt the staff will discriminate against you for putting in a complaint, especially as they were so upset too. If anything, they'll take special care to make sure you have nothing else to complain about.

  • If the worse case happens you could always write a request under 'Freedom of Information Act' as to how many times this has happened to give you more ammunition. These requests have to be dealt within a very tight frame time. I think it is under ten days from receiving the letter. But let's hope it's not cancelled and you get to keep that bed.

  • Thanks Georje, that is good information and may help if i find myself in a battle. I hope not though they did seem embarrassed.if it is cancelled i will ask this question though. love A

  • well done..

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