Steroids!! Tablets.. Infusions.. joint injections. Where would we be without them??

Steroids!! Tablets.. Infusions.. joint injections. Where would we be without them??

I remember the very first time I had a Depo injection in my bottom, I hated needles but, you know what it's like anything to help with the pain. Didn't do any good though, think the RA was to out of control by then.

The next one I remember was the Infusion, didn't know at the time what I was having and quite honestly didn't care.

I had been admitted to hospital (again) by my Rheumy which was then Dr George Kitas, now, a professor!! He was very good to me, although never unable to get control of my RA he still helped as much as he could. He would always try to get me a side room of my own so that my son Luke who was just a baby in arms, was able to stay with me at times in the room.

Even though I was so poorly I still needed my son with me as I was having difficulty bonding with him. The odd night he would stay in my room and Dr Kitas would arrange for a cot to be put in there from the childrens ward, all the nurses were allowed to help, in fact they were told to by Dr Kitas! They would change his nappies feed him and then hand him to me for some "special time" together.

They did so much for us, I don't think it would happen now though. Health and safety and all that.

Anyway, one day I'd just been given a bath by the nurses ( dignity out of the window many years ago!) when Dr Kitas came into the room asking the normal questions, how I was etc,no change. He asked me to move from the chair onto the bed, I couldn't!! I literally was unable to move so much pain and stiffness it was like I had a heavy weight holding me down. He came over to me picked me up and carried me to the bed, I think he realized then just how ill I was.

It was then I was given my first steroid infusion, and boy did it work. I think I was given about three lots over the week and I felt so much better. Anyone who as had them will know .

But, of course like everything else didn't last. But, I was then also put on steroid pills. Red and brown they were then, not taken them for years so don't now if they are the same or not. They worked great too often being increased on every visit to the hospital or GP. My face looked like a beach ball and I gained a few stone but at least they were helping.

Then came the steroid injection, feet,ankles.knees.wrists,fingers,elbows,shoulders even had one in my jaw! If it was a joint they put a needle in it, often drawing away fluid too (painful!)

I stopped counting at 50! yes 50 joint injections they wouldn't give you that many now though, only allowed so many into each joint.

Don't have any now though, well into the surgery route instead, but like I say where would we be without those little STEROIDS!!!

(not for everyone thought I might add!)

mand xx

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  • YEP ,steroids ymm yumm, to0 tight to prescibe coated red or brown ones now (coated), budget cuts white ones watch your gut folks and oesphagus take after breafast with peltny of water...............

  • Hi Alison, are the red/brown ones then the enteric coated ones to protect the stomach then? ta

    mand xx

  • yep but glos health authority no longer prescibing them to save money...., wonder how many patients they will get with oesphagus damage.... all to save a few pennies,,- they are now sending pateints home without paracetamol at telling them to buy/ get their own from gp...., chances of anti tnf for me zero!!!

  • Hi Alison, I can't believe the difference in the treatment. not getting paracetamol or enteric coated tablets is disgusting.#Like you say it will eventually cause more stomach problems costing the NHS even more money!

    mand x

  • Ooo I get enteric coated ones...I thought they were they only type you could get?! They are great but don't half affect my ability to sleep and terrible indigestion...I've just had a 80mg kenalog inj to see me through mtx increase and try and knock this flare on it's head. Can't believe how much better I feel so just hope the RA'll be more under control when it wears off! x

  • i hate steroids but can't live with out them, my rheumy said last time i saw him that if I didn't get over my phoebia I would be crippled OK I'M OVER IT.

    but I have cut down to 5mg I did go down to 2.5 but pain and swelling straight away. I still have enteric coated and as I've said before my pharmy from Boots is the most fabulous person, she would swap or take back a prescription if the GP had'nt put coated on script.

    So Steroids 1 RA 0


  • Sorry I forgot to say Mand how old were you when you got RA, and did you have any relief from it when you were pregnant


  • Hi Tricia, I was 28 when I had my very first symptoms, but that was just in my fingers. I wasn't diagnosed though just kept getting meds from my GP. Then after 10yrs of trying got pregnant and the RA went mad, I was then referred to a Rheumatologist but still didn't get diagnosed they thought I had Lupus because of the previous miscarriages etc,

    Normally if you have RA and get pregnant you go into remission that's what was causing the confusion. Refused to take anything because of the baby so just had to suffer it. After giving birth I didn't think things could get any worse but they did, that's when I spent the next few years in and out of hospital to try and get control of it, but unfortunately it was much to late, now I have to suffer the joint damage hence all the operations.

    mand xx

  • yes ladies steroids are good take a tip dont move to gloucester... might transer my treatment to hereford area.....

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