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Just git back from rheumy it was awful just like I knew it would be!!!!


Hi all just had my right knee drained six lots came out then out steroid into the joint awwww it hurt like hell I didn't faint so proud of it self fir that I wanted to cry but I was brave. No pain relief put to area of knee before the jab which was odd. Steroid injection to bottom too which I didn't think I would be allowed as I had one of those on 10th Jan odd that one I did ask before they did it and they said should be fine and just did it. So got half a bottom sore and dead leg at the min. Hoping to be back at work Thursday all being well. Need to sort sick note now. Back fir more bloods Friday oh the joys of our RA and flares hey 😩😩

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Oh Jeeze I had tears in my eyes when you said they didn't give you any anaesthetic for your knee, very brace hope things get better for you, I remember one time I had a different consultant and was given 8 steroid jags, 2 in each hand 2 in each knee and 2 in each ankle the last 2 were very sore and at my next appointment my usual rheumatologist went ballistic as he should've gave me so many xxx

Omg that's horrendous how cruel to do that u refused the one to my right hand/wrist says no way u going anywhere near that it's way too painful the knee yes and bottom yes nowhere else no way. I wasn't brace re anaesthetic I thought when she washed it that was it but no it wasn't joke hey they don't care we just numbers. Got to go on sulphasalasine again now too as well as lef refused methotraxate horrid stuff that x

Regards janet x

So sorry to hear your story. Sounds like you have been in the wars. You have been very brave. Hope you are rewarded by feeling more comfortable and mobile. Time to put your feet up and rest. Take care.

Thank you so much means a lot 😊

It never ceases to amaze me how care and treatment of RD varies from Hospital to hospital or even GP to GP. I was given a local anaesthetic before four syringe fulls of fluid were aspirated. I am so sorry you did not have the choice to have that basic help. You truly were exceptionally brave.

Sorry to hear this. They should give you some freeze spray first then anaesthetic into the knee before the actual hydrocortisone goes in. Maybe if they were extracting a lot of fluid they forgot, but that isn't acceptable. Hope it gives good relief.

I've not had a local anaesthetic first...just the needle to suck stuff out, and then the steroid afterwards. So I guess it depends on the procedures of that hospital.

But well done you, and I hope you show off to your brother!

sabrejan in reply to helixhelix

Ha ha I will do when I see him us women are braver hey that's why we have to have the kids lol

I feel absolutely exhausted though and burning up I'm usually freezing cold since RA even my little Pomchi doesn't come to me to get warm anymore bless him.

Take care and Thank you x janet

I didn't know what to expect never had it before New to RA a year diagnosed this 17th Feb so trusted then x

Rest until you go back to work to make sure the jabs help.xxxx

6 lots - wow! You must've been in agony! I really hope you're feeling some benefit today. Different departments must have different protocols, I wasn't even offered a local anaesthetic first! x

Morning my love I feel so much better this morning my knee actually bends albeit my bottom still sore lol.

Ordeal over hope to be back at work Thursday. Back on sulfa now too four a day as well as led hope it's not the silva that caused the suicidal feeling this it was that horrid mex.

Doing nothing today sleep again I think and watch a good film later hey sounds like a good plan and of course my fruit cake with custard yum for poor me.

Have a good day and thanks for being there your great to everyone u deserve to be better and pain free too my love

Regards and best wishes always janet x x

farm123 in reply to sabrejan

Sorry for you bad experience but a few minutes pain has usually made such a difference to me. Hope you have been able to rest up today to give the meds chance to work. For me it is some anti inflammatories (apart from ibuprofen) that can make me depressed. Farm

sabrejan in reply to farm123

Thank you yes rested up today just been on my phone a lot on this website kept me going lol

My knee gone right down looks normal today phew it was worth it I guess. Don't know if I would be brace next time now I know what it's like. I only had one child for same reason lol

Take another half amtripoline nit sure how u spell it soon then be sleep like a baby. Been on these last 3 nights helped me more than anything as I'm a stress head with all this and dealing with life in general guess that's why I got RA as I'm one of six and all my siblings healthy and my mum of 73 fit as a fiddle does gardening spring cleaning all the time does her own decorating. I was hoping I would be like that she's a cool dude though so handles stress better that's the answer I guess

Take care and thanks again Janet x

I was offered a bolts injection into my right elbow but refused as the last one was so painful.

Was the person who drained your knee a trainee ? It reads of incompetence to me. You should never feel that much pain if they do their job properly. Is your knee not bad enough for a T K R which would actually be less painful believe it or not !!!

Morning I didn't know what to expect so trusted her it really hurt. What TKR?

On a positive note I'm so much better today so much less pain at last but that's only the steroids masking it isn't it?

Back on sulfa now too as well as led as I refused that horrid stuff mex x

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I've had loads of steroid jabs over 30 years. shoulders, hips, knees and hands. Never had a local anesthetic for any of them. Worst was in my hand, down between both middle fingers and into my palm. OUCH!


You are amazing. So well done to you. I remember 15 months ago my first visit to rheumy the fluid squirted out under pressure when he put the needle in and had to keep changing syringe but dont think it was 6 times.......no pain relief. As Sylvi says rest up now. So pleased you feeling a bit better but dont over do it. Everything should improve for you from now. ☺

T K R is short for total knee replacement. This was 10 years ago now - best thing ever. I am waiting on getting my right foot sorted now. I need my big toe straightened and a bone shaved down on the top. Saying that I consider myself lucky as only had a couple of operations in the 30 years of having R A. I simply consider it an inconvenience lol. Take care xxxx

Omg I feel like a baby now in comparison to you. You poor darling the way I felt last week Monday night on worst night of my flare was to chop my right leg off and right wrist drastic I know but nothing helped me tow zap pains naproxen biofreeze nothing was screaming through the night heavy breathing everything u can imagine can't u my ESR end of November was 19 on flare now was 94 and CPR was 1 and now 54 horrendous. Dr had decided since I started leg not to check my ESR and cpr so that didn't give me warning signs. U trust that ur in good hands don't u I've only had RA since November 16 and diagnosed Feb 17😁😁

Best wishes to your health and fir us all to keep going what meds are you on after 30 years ? X

Regards Janet

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For RA Leflunomide. For OA Morphine. For Vasculitis Prednisolone MTX and Rituximab. For Osteoporosis Zoledrenic Acid. Shan't talk about Bronchiectasis, cancer or Hypertension. ❤️❤️

sabrejan in reply to Hidden

Omg u poor darling hope all your meds help and you manage to be pain free at times so so sorry for all your health problems so gutted for u. Bless you regards Janet

Oh janet , not nice . I have had numerous steroid injections in a variety of places and i have always received a lidocaine injection first . When i had calcium syringed from my shoulder i was given 2 lidocaine injections- it was still very painful. Did the hospital give you any reason for ‘this omission as it can’t be the right procedure, not when it causes so much pain and discomfort . Best wishes for going back to work , if i was you I would take the rest of the week at least xx

Odd isn't as I've never had lidocaine first....just the steroids into the joint. Luckily everyone who's done it has been skilled, so i haven't had the experience Janet has and it's been uncomfortable but bearable. I'm going to be nervous the next time tho'!

Xxelliexx in reply to helixhelix

I was always given a local anaesthetic before injections between my toes, used to hate them!! Latest ones have been at base of spine and didn’t hurt half as much.

Hi thank you for ur kind words she was New consultant to hospital she was rushing me fir some reason I guess she was busy and being new wants to look good I guess.

As I had no idea never had this done so naive I just went with it. I now know and will insist on it next time for sure.

I need to go back to work to keep my mind off it all go mad otherwise. I'm on lef only been on this for just over 2 months as hated that mex and now they put me on sullfa too now so just see how it goes. I want lef to work on its own if it can as I'm back to my normal weight and so far my hair better too. If sulfa starts ding same as mex they can go in the bin too not being fobbed off I work and deserve best treatment have work since I was 17 and now 51 only had 6 weeks off to when I had my daughter so I've totally earned my help haven't I ?

Best wishes to you and your health long may we live on hey janet x x

We all deserve the best 1st class help !! We should not be rushed by doctors as we deserve an explanation of our treatment and if there are other options available. So i agree - do not be fobbed off !! 🌺🌺

No. You're not a baby lol. You learn to cope in your own way. Pain should not be under estimated as it can effect you in many ways not just physical but emotional. Allow yourself time, patience, understanding and good/bad days. Have a good day xxxx

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