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New here, just found the site this morning.

For years now I have had joint pain which I put down to normal aging (62) and wear and tear then last year the inability to weight bear due to hip pain drove me to the Doctor. he diagnosed trochanteric bursitis, I had a steroid injection into my joint a week later and was running up and downstairs like a gazelle 2 days later.

Then my all over joint pain worsened and I saw a rheumatologist who put me on steroids for 10 months. they helped immeasurably for about 5 of those months but as the steroids decreased the joint pain returned.

I saw the rheumatology specialist nurse at the end of the steroid course and by then the trochanteric bursitis had returned and I also had pain in most joints, nodule mainly on one finger and a few twisty fingers. Lots of bloods hip X-ray (both normal) later she gave me an intramuscular injection of steroid, which did nothing, and when I saw her the following week I was put on Methotrexate 10mg. (Scary). When I asked she told me I had some kind of inflammatory arthritis, my bloods have never shown the rheumatoid marker.

I took the first MXT last week and went to my GP for a sick note for work, can't do stairs and there's lots of them at work, I have to say that I was quite shocked (only a few days ago) when he handed me a sick line for 3 months which said Rheumatoid arthritis.

Now I'm not sure if I am in denial as I have a lifetime habit of ignoring pain and being brave, (I'm Glaswegian : ) ). or wether its because the rheumatologist or specialist nurse didn't tell me themselves but I find myself thinking that there has been a mistake. The physio tells me that 1 in 20 people don't have the marker. When I went to the clinic I saw others there who had RA, I felt so guilty because I can get around (albeit with a limp and pain) and drive when some of the poor souls were nearly bent over.

Don't get me wrong, 3 months off work.....BONUS : )........ But started on MTX as a first line treatment seems extreme to me ?

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar?

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  • See you Jimmy!! That's to make you feel at home:-) I have had RA for 4 years now, similar conditions to you by the sound of it. When i was 1st diagnosed they threw everything at it including 20mg methotrexate, so it is a regular starting drug. Takes a while to take effect 2-6 mnths sometimes but bear with it and hopefully you'll be back to being gazelle like. I'll look out for you bounding along next time I'm going down sauchihall street. Any other info you need just blog here or message me. All the best.

  • Hi and welcome,I also have rheumatoid factor negative and have RA, my markers showed up in the anti ccp test rheumotologists do in their tests to help confirm RA.mine showed up as strong/positive along with high esr(inflammation in the blood) I started on 15 mg of methotrexate and now increased to 17.5 mg.its helped my joints enormously.its the first drug most rheumys use so please don't worry.my consulatant said we aim to treat it quickly and aggressively to minimise any joint damage.be patient though,as Stuart said it can take a while to kick in.good luck Michelle xxx

  • Ah, thank you, live in the Midlands so no chance you'll see me in Sauchiehall street : )

    2 to 6 months to work? ....where's the complaints department?

  • Thank you Shell, still wonder if they got it wrong though as the Trochanteric bursitis is worse than the arthritic joints? Must do some online research to see if they are related.

  • I live in hertfordshire, so i'm not up there too often and I'm not scots.lol. but persevere there are a few other drugs they can try as well. You could try the complaints dept, but you'll be hanging on the phone a looooooooong time in a queue miles long behind the rest of us!! lol.

  • PS. Hi Shell. How's it going?

  • Thanks dtech, kinda thought that might be the case re complaints dept. : )

  • Hi and welcome. I know what you mean about seeing other people who seem worse than you but you are important and how you feel is important. I know I have things a lot easier than many RA sufferers but it isnt a competition. You take care and keep on blogging.Sharon

  • Aww thanks sharon56,

  • Oh, apparently 15% of trochanteric bursitis sufferers have RA...... Bugger......it's looking likely that the Doctors were right. What are the chances of that? : )

  • Oh goodness what a long medical name. Hope the docs are wrong but if not keep your chin up. I am on MTX and have been for over a year seems to help me.

  • HI I'm Shirley, You have joined a great site and as everyone has said it does take time for the MTX to take affect, unfortunately it hasn't worked very well for me, but it has for many others on this site, So take care and i look forward to hearing from you XXXX

  • Hi Moifoi welcome to this site. MTX is what you normally get started on. Yes very scary but for most it works. Blog as much as you want if you want to know something. xx

  • Thank you, I will, although you might regret saying that at some point ; )

  • No never !!!!!!xx

  • Welcome, on full diagnosis for PsA, I was given MTX straightaway to try and combat the disease. Take care xx

  • Hiya, I am Glaswegian too but moved to marry an English man..........ok if you are still reading! I am sero negative, anti ccp but defo got RA!! All my inflammations like you are pretty extreme.

    I did fight the accepting I had RA for ages too but sort of over time realised that I had inflammation, swelling , stiffness that takes ages to get up in the morning and if you squeezes my joint I would yell, all signs of RA. Lucky my docs jumped in with medications quickly so I didn't get a lot of joint damage so that's good news.

    You know it's not a competition that others are worse than you! Although maybe we could start a who's worst competition lol. :)

    the ones that have a lot of deformities at clinic may have other musculoskeletal problems or were unlucky enough to get RA before all these good helpful drugs , I feel so lucky to get the help that my dad didn't get with his RA.

    I hope your poorly joints settle down with the treatments very soon and we see each other when I am up visiting the family , and yes keep blogging I don't think we will regret it. Lol

    :) Axx

  • Bless you, thanks a lot, all of this is helpful for me..I think it's because it's all so new, I was only told I had It on Friday.... 2 days ago.

    Once I get my head around it I will find ways to deal with things and regain my sense of humour.... You being Glaswegian knows how much an irreverent sense of humor can help at times.

    You won't see me in the 'dear green place' though as I live in the midlands. X

  • What is it with Scots!!! We are all so patriotic but we always move awqay or travel but leave our hearts there!!!!

    Did u know NRAS on their website have an amazing brilliant freephone helpline, they really helped me when I was first diagnosed and sent me loads of helpful stuff, the website nras.org also has a section on being recently diagnosed which. Is really good. You can also talk to some of the volunteers who actually have RA too if you ask the helpline. So there are plenty of people also at the end of the phone if the twins are out or sleeping llol. :). Good luck and keep blogging!

  • Best thing about Glasgow was the road out : )

    Thanks for that link, had a quick look and there's a lot of helpful info on there. I'll have a look for the free phone helpline too. Can't pass up on a bargain eh?

  • hee hee, you will get 2 for one as well ! Free Hu, free phone and free telephone volunteer if you need it, best of luck tomorrow when you give them a ring!!!

  • oh and so you dont get confused Health Unblocked is not the NRAS site but it IS moderated by NRAS so thats why the blogs are from NRAS too and from time to time they join in a conversation or give extra support on a blog. xxx

  • hello. Most of us have struggled with coming to terms with the diagnosis, confusion and uncertainty. One of those things life throws at us just to see what we can cope with. I can only say be kind to yourself, get as much info. as you can and work on getting those around you to understand (not easy as we can all testify). Keep reading & blogging! x

  • Thank you! X

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