Bad news

Had x ray 2 weeks ago on my wrist because of worse than usual RA pain and got told today that I have a hole in the bone which indicates a tumour so being fast tracked for more scans and things. This comes in the same week that my sister has been told she has bladder cancer, what a week! I also had my 65th birthday this week. Its certainly been a week of very mixed emotions for me. I am trying very hard to be positive but its hard.

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  • What can i say to that,our thoughts and prayers from myself and i know the rest of us on Health unlocked are with me on this one. I wish you both all the best and a speedy recovery to you both whatever ops you both have to face in the coming weeks and months. xxxxx

  • As Sylvi says thoughts and prayers for you and your sister, keep strong and think positive.

    Xxx x

  • Will be thinking of you both. Many hugs x

  • How awful for you and your sister. Hope you both get the treatment you need and make good recoveries. X

  • I am so sorry to hear your news.. my father has bladder cancer but is doing well at the moment.. there are different grades and degrees of aggressiveness. he initally had immuno therapy were the TB Vaccine is instilled into the bladder this worked well for a time, but on new years day he had his bladder removed after several cancellations! and has made a good recovery.. he is now 72( june).. he has a follow up scan july 17th.

    Im hoping that your news is that it isnt a tumour as you have a lot to deal with your sister and your RA.. could the "hole" be RA erosion?

    Keep us informed, my thoughts are with I genuinely know from experience it is a worrying time for you.

    Love and best wishes

    Alison x

  • My thoughts are with you and your sister.

    Mary x

  • What horrible news for you and your family. I hope that treatment is started quickly and recovery swift. best wishes. Polly

  • All I can say is I echo all previous comments, thoughts and prayers are with you. Do keep us posted. xxx

  • As has been said by others, my thoughts are with you & your sister, sending hugs, Rie x

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