Good news for a change

Good news for a change

Today i heard some good news for a change. nThe nuclear scan i had the other week has come back and happily there is no infection or blood clots. So its all systems go for when i have my operation.

Today i'm having a pity party as i'm fed up of being ill all the time. Have been sitting in the garen catching some rays.

This is just a short one as i wanted you all to hear my news.

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  • Ah Sylvie, that is good news for you, you will be a new woman after operation hopefully.


  • That's great news Sylvi nice to hear you sounding positive. I thought of you when GP told me today that I should come off the MTX slowly because otherwise I would probably have a big flare up. That's what's been happening to you of course not surprising you've been in so much pain. Hopefully all this sunshine, return of your son and the operation will bring about a turn of fortune for you. Take care and don't get too frazzled out there! TTx

  • Gina,tilda,thank you girls for your kind wishes. I hope that it won't be too long before i get my operation and then i can start to walk. At least it will be straight forward op now he knows whats there. I certainly hope so as i seem to take one foot forward two back all the time.

    I have been in the garden all day,i've been sitting at the table setting seeds in small containers and hubby has tidied up behind me and put seeds in our mini greenhouse. If all the seeds grow i will have loads to fill my garden and my neighbours as well.

    I am sitting here writing this trying to get my hands from hurting. Also my knuckles are cracking,i never did this as a young woman and it used to make me cringe when others did it. I find that awfully strange don't you. Thats something i will talk to the rheumy on wednesday.

    Love to you both


  • Some good news at last , hope it all goes well x

  • thats great news Sylvi and i hope you enjoyed the sunshine today x

  • Good news at last Sylvi - that looks like a great party you are having.

  • We wee at a fiend of mine,she was eighty on valentines day and due to hubbys car breaking down we couldn't get there so we went on the saturday evening. She didn't know we were coming so it was a lovely evening.

    Your up early,did you not sleep well either. I've been up since about 5.45am. All i did yesterday was sit in the sun and later in the day i sat at the table outside and set some seeds in pots ready for the summer. At least tomorrow i will see rheumy and hopefully get some answers.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Good luck with rheumy today Sylvi - hope get some good answers about how you can look after yourself. Also hope a date comes through for knee op soon. Polly

  • Fantastic News Sylvi xx

  • Good to read your good news and upbeat outlook! I hate being at the tailend of these blogs. I usually check before I go to bed, under "blogs" on the homepage, but the only one I saw last night was from Emma, after her accident, which really sounds awful. Don't know where else to find the ones you gals are posting.

    I couldn't manage to type last night, afraid I over used my right arm, even though I was being very careful. but had to do some dishes and a couple loads of laundry. Used my left hand to get loads from the machines and last night, my LEFT wrist was sore and swollen also. Had cold paks on both wrists for a while, wondering is this going in the right direction? So, laundry machines each contain a load I am going to have to ignore until maybe this afternoon when my neighbor gets home. She can carry them for me

    Now, hopefully you will be getting the date for your repair job. A dear gentleman friend of mine says women are just like cl;assic cars at our age, they just need a little repair job once in a while, and fine tuning as needed. :)

    Enjoy the garden, it is now very cold here, had a freeze last night, afraid of the fruit crops, since the trees were already in blossom. Get tan! Love, Lxxx

  • Now why did you HAVE to do some dishes & load of laundry??? I hope your friends tell you off, and make sure that you rest properly. After all the trouble you've been to to get the wrist fixed you don't want to mess it up for a dirty dish. Get some paper ones and a rubbish sack! Pollyx

  • LQ, :) Well, it was just cups, mugs and glasses and a couple bowls, and some containers from the freezer. daughter-in-law Heather,can't come over until Friday evening and I needed to wash and reuse them by then. I had them all sitting filled with water, so just had to pour them out and put them in the dishwasher. It was the laundry that got difficult. I have a Study club meeting at church tomorrow morning, of which I am the President, so needed some of the items in the laundry.

    Neighbor friend Sandy came over tonight and finished the laundry, got it all hung up and put in drawers. She is a saint, and is like my little sister, same age.

    Tonight I talked to one of the club members and told her I felt I really shouldn't go to the meeting, as I can't walk that well with my forearm resting on the handle grip since I obviously can't grip it. So she will take over the meeting for me. It's only an hour of meeting, then 2 hours or more of lunch :)

    I have been having sandwiches for lunch and frozen Weight Watcher meals for dinner. So not much need for paper plates, though I sure have a stack of them!

    I haven't done anything but read today, put ice paks on my wrists several times. Daughter-in-law Cindy, and her son Jared, stopped over after picking him up from baseball practice, so I let her open a pill bottle for me, and unpackage a new battery operated can opener that runs by itself, and put batteries in it. then I asked her to adjust the new pepper grinder, as it was more like cracked than ground. I just couldn't turn the little knob on the bottom. It is also battery operated, very handy for handicapped cooks, got it from grandaughter Serena for Christmas.

    I sure haven't shortened my messages much, have I?? Able to add middle finger of right hand to the lefthanded typing. Bye for now. :) Lxxx

  • Loretta,don't go doing too much will you please,because you will only pay for it later. Did you go to the hospital yesterday about your hand,if so how did you get on.

    The weather here loretta is like a hot summers day,its so hot i worry what sort of weather we will be getting later on in the year. I have made a good start on my tan at least. I am paying for it though as the extreme heat has the same effect as the cold,so i ache like hell.

    I'm at the hospital tomorrow for the rheumy clinic and i let you know how i get on.

    Now you go and rest my friend and take care.

    Love sylvia.xx

  • Sylvi, Enjoy that warm and sun. It is cold here again, so you might get some cool days in a few. It will warm to lower 70's by the weekend.

    The OT Physio was pleased that I had made meaureable progress from Friday to Monday, with that finger apparatus. Must tell siskin about that. Interesting concept

    Now won't go back until Monday, when we start bending this wrist. Yuck. I'm remembering bending the knees for the first time!!

    Hope you can insist on help from the Rheumy tomorrow!! Love, Lxxx

  • Loretta,i will let you know how i get on.I've had a lay in this morning,7.20am before i got up. Thats the longest i've stayed in for months probally years.

    The weather is going to break at the weekend,it will go from 21c to about normal for the time of year to 11c.

    Take care

    Love sylvia.xx

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