bad day/ stayed professional

My father was in the hosp were I work(yesterday tuesday) I carried on work stayed focussed really busy, had the usual handing out. methotrexate.. check list of side effects.etc to go through. From the name the on the script it was a friend of my parents. so was quite good.

staffing levels been bad, its been. one or two pharmacists. one tech, one trainee tech two assistants at best and often not even all or even some of that combination!!.

any way yest we reached that combination.. whoopie quite well staffed. cant say much as had been off work 7 weeks! flares/ med problems. two proceedures!

Any way back to methotrexate.. as you all known its used for RA but also for skin problems such as psoraris.. said i knew the patient so asked to hand it out the pharmacist said good.. hate handing that stuff out.. think most pharmacists are nervous about methotrexate.. I feel that as being a former user it is an easy and useful task//.. lady was using it a high dose for skin with no problems.. she told me she once had a one off liver reading scare random but no problems since. she has been fine for many years.. I always ask patients how they are doing. any problems concerns.

later relation of patient awaiting radiation therapy relation collected a prescription for medication to help her deal with the radio therapy she was going to have, tried to reasure the daughter.

Weres the story going you ask... whilst working my father was above the pharmacy were I work.. having what I suspected to be a tumour be examined via cytoscope.. day surgery unit above the pharmacy, had to focus on work hard and keep busy

After work finally managed to get get mum on the phone tumour on the bladder wall.

Im off to work again shortly.... they cannot remove all of the tumour..

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Hi Summer, really sorry to hear about your dad. Such a worry for you all. Do hope you get some better news soon.

I'm not surprised most people are nervous about MTX - did you say you were no longer on it? I absolutely hate it but need it to keep the RA under control coupled with the Enbrel. Dosage due today and Enbrel tomorrow. My hairdresser was diagnosed back end of last year and also has psoriasis. She has found taking the MTX for RA has improved the psoriasis as well so at least a good side to it. (Can't think of any other good side). My monthly blood tests are fine so no scares on liver etc. although18 months ago told by GP I needed B12 injections so have those now every 3 months. Hadn't realised you had been of work for 7 weeks - hope you are now much better. I am having a really good day today after the last few awful days, so hope it stays that way for a while. Thumb joints ache though and have had to have my signet ring made bigger as the joint on my little finger is very swollen. What a life. Let us know how your dad gets on. Love LavendarLady


Hi Alison, I know a few people working in a pharmacy don't see them much now though, they too were always told about handing Methotrexate I'm sure they said they had to wear gloves at one point and couldn't handle it if they were pregnant! Does that sound right?

Hope you can start to get some good news soon seems to be one thing after the other for you.

Thinking of you, and your troubles. I know it's easy to say not to worry but you must try as your RA is bad enough at the moment you don't want it to get any worse. You need to be strong for yourself and your father.

Take care

Luv Mandy xx


Hi Alison, Already PM 'ed you re your dad.

On the subject of methotrexate handling, my pharmacist told me the first time I collected it not to hold it in my hands just as little handling as possible. He said not to carry it in my hand from upstairs say downstairs to take, so I have always popped in my mouth immed. Why is that? what is the danger can it burn your skin?


yes correct it is cytotoxic.. though for us that./are were taking it it is safe as prescribed. yes no children.. , pregnant women routine!! we buy them in foil packs gold shield pharmaceuticals no handling involved for this reason.. did have loose for a while.. counted in a special cyto pharmacy triangle kept for cyto toxics using tweezers!! best to be cautious. but if you are the patient you are going to take the damn thing like all meds "safe!" for pupose used for the tablets are not coated they are pressed tablets.. the drug will leach in to skin on prolonged handling!!


Hi Summer, SO sorry to hear about your dad ... and that you've been suffering so much on your own account too lately! Here's hoping you continue to improve and that things go as well as they possibly can for your dad.

As to MTX, crumbs - I had no idea you shouldn't handle it. (Not that I tend to sit and play with the tablets or anything, but still ...)


So sorry Alison, I dont know how I missed this blog!

Hope you are feeling better by now, I really hope there is something they can do too treat your dad.

As for the methotrexate when I was on pills I was never warned off anything by my pharmacy, I didnt know the pills couldnt be handled!

I now take the injection form off this and the spill kit that comes with it is unreal! Mask, gloves, apron, leg and arm protecters, feet covers, hat, saftey goggles and a huge bin and bags tape etc to put it all in if you manage to spill any and this is all for a tiny syringe full.

Do what I recommended in my PM xx

Thinking off you

Julie x


same with tablets gloves or tweezers, though if common sense prevails.. and you are taking the tablets personally i e they are yours get my drift.. "safe" for preson prescribed for I DID use to take them but had bad side effect problems


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