wish i could sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

ive never posted ablog before but often read others and get some comfort, but here goes.I was told i had ra 2yrs ago and never felt its been under"control" injections once a week and cocktail of other drugs!!!! Ive just had a bad week lots of pain and unable to sleep with pain, dry mouth and very hot flushes! so bad i have thought about a shower at 4am!! pain and swelling going now but finding it hard to put one foot in front of otherand feel really ill. Off to see doc tomorrow, just hope he can help. Anyone out there who can help????

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  • If it helps I HAD TO HAVE a hot bath at 330. 4am? last night,must have been a full moon?, iT sounds like a flare?, hopefully it will subside?, sometimes however medication can like mine stop working, but it is usually more gradual, I HAD TO withdraw remaining meds including pain meds and steroids under medical instructions for DAS score today.

    I dont know how old you are ? you could have some form of infection triggering those symptons?, or maybe menopause?. Try to see GP ideally before eater probably impossible! or ring your rhuem dept?.

    If thinks get really bad out of hoursgo. walk in centre or if v bad Aand E?

  • UM I meant easter yesterday v bad day,.. fingers

  • i have the same trouble with pain and sleep,im now on ebrel myclic pens in which i still waiting for it to work but in the mean time im taking tramadol for a while for pain releif ,,if your not allegic to tramadol ask for them hope this helps,,, vicky

  • Fizbom. sorry should have said welcome to site, im not at my best. hope you get things sorted xx

  • Hello, sorry to hear that you are struggling so much just now. I've just posted an overly long blog in which I admitted that I've had a couple of glasses of wine so am in the mood to get a bit alternative.

    I do really feel that part of the problem with sleep is feeling that you deserve it - only a part, I know, because it's pain that is mostly responsible for keeping you awake. But I'd urge you to sort of work on yourself in terms of feeling that sleep is both needed & deserved - possibly the best medicine you can have. If you can sleep late, then do - don't care what anyone thinks! If you need a shower at 4am then have one - then sleep as late as you possibly can. Take the pain meds as required but keep an eye on that cocktail - for example steroids can disrupt sleep, I believe. If you have a partner, don't feel bad about asking to sleep separately from them, if you can - just do whatever your body is telling you to do. This disease is so complicated that your own intuitions about what you need are extremely valuable - no Rheumatologist has the time to listen to all the details long enough to give detailed advice, I fear.

    Hope your doc gives you some good advice but meanwhile I'd recommend a glass of water on your bedside table, bed covers that allow for the hot flushes & extreme 'selfishness' i.e. doing whatever you have to do to get a good night's sleep.

    Luce xx

  • Fizbom sorry your feeling horrid. Hope doc will sort you a bit to morrow. xx

  • Poor you - do hope the GP can help you - let us know what they say please and welcome to blogging on the site. Tilda x

  • Hi Fizbom, welcome. Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough. Hope you get a better sleep tonight and that the doc can help you tomorrow. Sending gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx

  • It really is frustrating isn't it. You feel shocking and then they say it's settled down when you see the doc. We know how it feels my lovely, you can always come and talk to us. Hope the steroid helps hun.

    Happy Easter to you too. Love Janet xxx

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