home at last

i would like to thank every one for there wishes and an update to say my husband came home yesterday now the work begins lol hubby worried now has to surrender hgv to dvla till well no wages etc but hey ho beans on toast it is then but i had my sleeping pill and had a good nights sleep so can conentrate .my hubby never takes tabs and now hes got eight boxes of then i did chuckle at the times he told me to stop moaning lol im in charge now once again thanks everyone .

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Good to hear he is home, I hope he gets better very soon.

I had to give up my HGVs when I started to use needles when I became diabetic so I know how he feels in that respect.

There are some good deals on for baked beans at the moment lol.

You need sleep too you know so that you can cope with your own things and to help you be strong for your man.

Don't be lonely we are all here for you both.


thank you phillip he will work to getting it back cos his firm dont pay company sick pay so suddenly to sssp but like you said good deals on lol.the job he does is too heavy anyway now so hope fully he can look for some thing else .


Pleased to hear hubby is home.Now your in charge of his recovery,its somerthing you can both do together rest and more rest. xxxx


So pleased he is back.. now you can look after each otherx


Hi Angel

I'm so glad to hear he's home, now you call the shots!

Just don't make the mistake of giving him a bell! You'll unleash a monster!

Take care and I have asked the guardian angels to watch over you both


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