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oh gosh,

Think i have missed a lot on here, got back to 63 emails! so forgive me as i wont be able to reply to you all opersonally , like Robbie Williams lol. Also send my apologies for not getting to members day NRAS, i am sure it would have been as good as the day i went.

Been in Scotland, you m ay remember I told you unfortunately we lost lots of family members this year and my mumalso lost two best friends, so it has been hard, so I went up to see her as she is SO down, and thats not like her. Also it was my sisters birthday so took her for a meal. Also visited and saw my Uncle (whose wife died a few weeks ago) so it was lovely and awful at the same time.

Came back to a phone call my m in law has got a place in a nursing home. Good news at it will takes a lot of strain of hubby with shopping etc and me with organising etc, but we now have to emply her house, she is a hoarder , so i am actually dreading it. And dont say let someone else do it , there is no one else! i cant even ask a moving company as she is going from room full of junk to one wardrobe and just to make it worse she will NOT let anyone is the wardrobes. so big trouble on the horizen looming, but once we get her in then we can sleep at night. Also will have to move all the bills and phones etc , and buy new furniture as hers is junk and actually will break if moved! but agian she would not let us get new ones.

So i may not be able to get on here for a few weeks but please know i am thinking of you all and hope those waiting on diagnoses, and having new meds, will get the answers you need quickly. Thank you for all you support, be in touch for our strictly!!

love Axx

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Allanah,you have had a hard year one way or another haven't you. Sending you hugs my


Hi Allanah

Best of luck with everything, big life changes................catch up in a couple of weeks



Take care of yourself Allanah and good luck with it all. I don't envy you at all - we are trying to sort stuff out from 3 boys here and that's bad enough - so far 12 bags of junk - let alone sort your mother-in-law's place. Will be thinking of you. XX


Hi Allanah very sorry to hear what your up against. Hope all goes well for you best wishes xxx


Hi Allanah,

Sorry to hear that it's been such a rough year for you and yours.

That's a mighty task you've got there - but you're right you and hubby will have more time and peace of mind once she's settled. When we cleared out my Nanna's house [she was down-sizing to a cottage in her 80's ] she still had the 'children's' gas masks from WWII - my Dad was in his mid-60's at the time!

When you're faced with a task that seems overwhelming the best thing to do is break it down into a series of tasks, with a list of actions for each task, then break it down even further if you need to. And never try to do more than one task a day - this is where you really need to marshall your 'pacing' skills and focus on the long term benefits. And if it all gets too much, pour yourself a glass of something you fancy and come on here and rant:-)

Take good care of yourself,

Cece x


Dear A;llanah, CeCe just said everything I was about to, especially Pacing! We don't want you to hurt yourself, so don't push, just Pace! and get on here any time you want to take a break.

Best to lay in a large box of trash bags! Take good care, Loretxx


Allanah, sending love & hugs. xx Rie


Good luck it is a hard job to do. We had to clean out my father's house when he died suddenly and only had a week to do ti boy what a hoarder! The up side for you is that at least you will have slightly less worry with her in a home as far as being home alone. It is so hard I often say we are the first generation of women who are working fulltime, still often have kids at home and elderly parents. It is such a stretch and is very tiring being pulled so many ways


I can see this from the other side as I am a terrible hoarder and since getting this auto immune what-ever-its-called I haven't been able to keep on top of it at all. The result is I do worry terribly that if I suddenly pop my clogs or get too ill to stay at home, that my boys will have to deal with it and that they will just chuck everything away! From a hoarders point of view, whilst to you it seems like a load of old junk, to us hoarders, they are very important, precious items, that we've kept for a reason, even if we can't remember what that reason is! Don't demean her collections, or complain about the mess, turn it into a positive, however impossible that seems!

But most importantly Allanah, pace yourself, this is a hell of a task before you and it will be exhausting so please don't overdo it. Look after yourself and check in from time to time with us :-)

Love and hugs

JoJo xx


Thanks jojo! Been there yesterday and today and she is actually being extremely reasonable and just saying out or stay!!! I think she does realise it's necessary! We will see! Back tomorrow xx


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