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home at last

Well, my daughter Molly was back in hospital on Wednesday evening.

After suffering from severe spasms in BOTH knees and shaking like a leaf I decided to go back to A&E. The doctors gave her morphine and she was admidtted to the ward.

Doctors put her back on a higher dose of Diclofenac. Also Codeine and Diazepam. She had an ultrasound to see if there was any excess fluid around the knee. They couldn't find anytning unusual.

They are all a bit miffed because all the blood tests, scans etc are normal. But she is showing signs of JIA.

The docs are chasing up a referral for a second opinion, so hopefully we WILL get a diagnosis of some sort soon!!!

She is coping so well, considering she is only 12!!!!

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I do hope shell feel better soon it must be hard for you all.


My heart goes out to you, I hope you get some answers soon, love to you both. Keep us posted x



Hope she feels better soon,and you get some results.

Best wishes



It is possible she was shaking with pain?.. I certainly did when I was first ill!, hope she gets some relief and diagnosis soon!, so scary for you both x


Hi Summer, yeah I think it was the pain that made her shake. The spasms are getting more intense. Hopefully we'll hear from the hospital this week!!!!!


Good luck, hope you hear soon.



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