Back to work blues

O.K I have now realized that work plays a major part with my RA.Back at work yesterday after nearly 3 weeks off and last night I was not only over exhausted but the pain in my joints was just awful.Then I'm ratty with my children.I'm lucky with my school job as we do get a few breaks over the year but this is the first time it struck me hard that working does affect my RA.I have just had 3 weeks of bliss where I was in pain but not to the usual extent and I was able to have regular naps throughout the day which obviously helps. So hey ho its off to work we go!!!!!!

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  • Good luck with your work day. xxx

  • through the day but went straight to bed when I got home

  • I wish i could work,but thats not on the cards at the moment,but it will come. xx

  • I understand Sylvi,,,and also my work environment doesn't entail any manual work and little or often never having to move around the building...You keep us all sane on this and like you said hopefully one day you will be well enough to work again keep positive

  • Thanks darlin.xx

  • I know the feeling! I have been worried about how I'm going to do it, but hope you have a good day and catch up with all the gossip!!!

  • ha ha yes sometimes the gossip can take your mind of pain at work...

  • Hi there,

    Your workplace should make reasonable adjustments for you - so maybe you could talk to them about whether there's the possibility of you having a space you can have a half hour rest in middle of the day? It's not good news if you exhaust yourself everyday. Polly

  • aah Polly,work are quite good with me I suppose sometimes its just me wanting to have a little moan....and yes I probably could give them a little reminder again about the hidden sides of RA

  • Sammy

    I know just how you feel.I've had 2 weeks off , went back Tuesday ,and i've been off today because i can't move.I'm just desperate to keep working but i may have to reconsider hours etc.

    Hope things improve soon

    Julie xx

  • I feel the same about wanting to work for as long as I can and I think I'm a little stubborn and sometimes won't rest myself

  • HI Sammy like you i work and enjoyed a lovely two week break and its difficult to go from resting to full steam ahead, i am just chugging along at the minute, still benefitting from the rest but i know its going to catch up again soon. Hope you had a good day.

  • Thanks...I did make it...just think this time around I realized how work can have an impact on my RA flare ups but as usual we do get through the day...enjoy your rest

  • I was less lucky I worked between christmas and New year and I came home exhausted wed and thur. this week. hence not been on line much x

  • well done on getting through work during one of the most busy and stressful times of the year...People I think forget we will do our best to work when we can and sometimes we work even when we shouldn't....We are a strong lot>>>

  • Hi Sammy, well I think I just got good news, Occupational Health asked me to talk to some medical students about RA and how with support u can keep going at work ...all very good but they won't let me back till March.!!. but sounds like they are going to support me for a return. If not I'll tell the med students they didn't help! only kidding.... enjoy the weekend off, unless u are one of those who work unsocial hours Axx

  • well very luck don't have to work at weekends.....that will be a very interesting go for it and show what us RA girls can do

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