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The set back

I think I'm writing this to calm my mind and stop the panic. I've been so positive over the last month even with a set back that put me on tramadol again. Things have been warning me however. Today , just now I went shopping and back home all the painkillers I can take are not working and my guts are rebelling with pretty grim pain. So what's the next step here on a Saturday night when nothing is helping ? Ant ideas my friendly support. My husband has gone off to work for the next 5 weeks . I have a lovely daughter nearby but she has ME and is in crash mode just now.

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right - got my lets analyse what you have done hat on.

you have been shopping. stressful any time but especially as you are hurting.

your husband has gone of to work for 5 weeks. yes you are used to it but back on your own again.

your daughter close by is having a hard time of her own.

it is Saturday night, gp shut - chemist shut - world all tucked up having dinner and watching tv.

you feel alone.

stress causes muscle tightening nd pain. so you have to stop stressing. easy to say.

right - heat. warm bath. nope too difficult. heat pads. jim jams, fluffy gressing gown and soft blanket. can you lpse yourself in tv or music or a book. disctract yourself.

comfort food. mine is cauliflower chees, marmite and sheherds pie but not all at the same time. ooh yes and sticky toffee pud.

not sure if any of this helps.

let me know - not going anywhere.


pat x


Cheers Pat I ended up in bed reading mindless fantasy. Thank goodness for it. Anything more " worthy" would not distract enough. Lots of Tramadol therefore lots of bloating and gut pain. I will be asking to try something different on Monday. My daughter did give me moral support. I'm lucky.

I realise I'm going to have to take tramadol again today. It does take an edge off.

How are you this crisp (here at ant rate) morning ?


Mindless fantasy will do but still prefer sticky toffee pud. Bit messy in bed though.

let me know how you get on on Monday.

pat x


Hi pat, gosh, your. Post is fab.....I'm going to print off and are so right..thank goodness for comfort food, cozy pj's blankets, good books and chill time...all the best Claire


Mindless fantasy is more likely to do the job than sticky toffee for me as the latter makes me feel bloated and even more stressed after the immediate comfort food fix! I go for my box set of Spiral just now if I need distracting - or other nordic noir or McDermid novels. Nothing like really gruesome, tense thrillers with unrequited romance to divert me from my own inner thriller symptoms and unwellness!

I think it's great to use this community to calm your mind and offload when pain and uncertainty is dominating things. However in my experience, our children, whether adult or not or healthy themselves or not, are rarely good for offloads or the kind of sympathy we might need from people undergoing similar stuff. They just worry and worrying about us in turn makes them resentful.

Mind you my youngest, nearly 18, found me sobbing and retching with a terrible headache on the floor of our bathroom the other day, got me a huge glass of water and stroked my hair to calm me down. I wouldn't want him to have to see me like that again too many times though - he's got his own stuff to deal with and too much role reversal seems unhealthy to me. So just come here - where people at least know and understand what you are coping with. That's really what this place is for. Tx

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