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Some thoughts

Some thoughts

Hi everyone, I am sure I saw a blog about having bone density tests when you have RA but now I can't find it.

I have bone scans (3 so far) because steroids can leach calcium out of your bones and you can end up with Osteoporosis or Ostopenia as a result.

My scans so far have all been more or less normal and my consultant is happy with them. I had one just before Xmas and they told me my right hip needs some help so take Vit D and calcium tablets to help. and also make sure I drink milk, eat yoghurts and some cheese each day (dietician at the Hospital advised me on that).

Worth having one done if you have been on steroids for any length of time.

At present, seem to be in permanent pain in my knees, hands and shoulders. Having to have my signet ring made bigger as the joint on my little finger is so swollen. Thank God for Nurofen - couldn't manage without it. Seeing Consultant next week so will let him know things not been too good recently. Did read somewhere that you can have a plastic replacement joint for your thumb. Intend to inquire about that but nothing to be done until after my foot is done and I am still waiting for appt for that although I did request an appt after 1st July,. Didn't want my holiday ruined hobbling about on crutches.

Still overdoing it though - I refuse to let this disease get the better of me, even when I can't sleep and sitting downstairs in my recliner with my cat. Have discovered that if I do too much, it is the next day I feel so bad I could cry with it. But what the hell, life is too short to go into hibernation.

Oh for some warm weather soon.

Love LavendarLady x

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I Have had two scans,.. its so easy to overdo it.. when I have been very bad I HAVE SLEPT in my recliner.. pleased you are keeping positive.. Zante was lovely.. but some mozzies bit me on last night of hol and I have cellulitis.. was at work .. went to A and E for a hour.. 1gram flucloxacillin.... aagh four times a day, red and hot swollen legs ankles to knees


Hello LL,I am always overdoing it. Not this last weekend but the one before we went to yorkshire and after i got back i overdid it some more as i did some housework and i have paid for it ever since. I am often down here in my recliner,but i don't let it worry me as it would only make it worse. Where are you going on holiday? xxx


Poor you LL. I do admire your spirit of determination though - I think we have to fight this disease tooth and nail for our own self respect if nothing else? I really hope the thumb calms down soon. I had a flare up recently in one of my thumbs and discovered how important these particular joints are where doing just about anything is concerned. I couldn't even wear my night resting splint or my day splints - foul. Hope the holiday helps, Tilda x


Hi ll, I put on that blog that I talked to my Rheumy who just said no, I don't need a scan, I said even though I am on loads of steroids and an early hysterectomy and he said I don't think it's necessary yet. But the more I honk about it he more I just want o go o health shops and take....well something, but t hen I think , well they dont know the drugs I am on and I dont want interaction or anything. So think I ill wait on Rheumy saying yes, like the man from del monte !!

Hope u feel better soon ll xxxxxxx


I seem to have managed to post this blog twice!

I did go to the chemist and got some Vit D and Calcium pills to take which don't interact with any of the drugs I am on for the RA..

Your GP can arrange for you to have a bone scan if you are worried about bone density,

I have had two through my Rheumy and one through the GP route as she was worried about my bones!

Going on holiday late June to Portufal (Cascais - near Lisbon). Resort on the west coast which is not too crowded. We have been there before and know the area well. Just love Lisbon - I could easily live there but would need to brush up my portuguese! Some lovely little family restaurants in Cascais and some very good restaurants, Fado bars etc in Lisbon itself not to mention it is a beautiful city,.

LavendarLady x


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