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Some thoughts

Hi everyone, I am sure I saw a blog about having bone density tests when you have RA but now I can't find it.

I have bone scans (3 so far) because steroids can leach calcium out of your bones and you can end up with Osteoporosis or Ostopenia as a result.

My scans so far have all been more or less normal and my consultant is happy with them. I had one just before Xmas and they told me my right hip needs some help so take Vit D and calcium tablets to help. and also make sure I drink milk, eat yoghurts and some cheese each day (dietician at the Hospital advised me on that).

Worth having one done if you have been on steroids for any length of time.

At present, seem to be in permanent pain in my knees, hands and shoulders. Having to have my signet ring made bigger as the joint on my little finger is so swollen. Thank God for Nurofen - couldn't manage without it. Seeing Consultant next week so will let him know things not been too good recently. Did read somewhere that you can have a plastic replacement joint for your thumb. Intend to inquire about that but nothing to be done until after my foot is done and I am still waiting for appt for that although I did request an appt after 1st July,. Didn't want my holiday ruined hobbling about on crutches.

Still overdoing it though - I refuse to let this disease get the better of me, even when I can't sleep and sitting downstairs in my recliner with my cat. Have discovered that if I do too much, it is the next day I feel so bad I could cry with it. But what the hell, life is too short to go into hibernation.

Oh for some warm weather soon.

Love LavendarLady x

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I agree hibernation is for hedgehogs. Roll on the summer. Never had a DEXA scan.


I thought that RA increased risk of osteoporosis and that's why we have scan routinely here in Scotland. Over 65 I think

Hope you have a good holiday


there is another thread on this subject somewhere. I had a bone density scan because of increased risk : RA and also steroids. Mine showed above average bone density for my age, so the weight bearing exercise and walking on rough ground works!

I'm supposed to have another either in 3 or 5 years depending on who i speak to.


Hi Lavenerlady,

It was me that asked the question about bone scans and i appreciate your reply. I am wondering if we should all take Calcium tablets for r/a and i am going to ask at my next appointment. I remember years ago going to an excerise class that the hospital put on for 6 weeks and i met a lady that was in her late seventies and she had r/a for years and she said the pain from her osteoporosis was worse than the r/a (if that's possible)

I hope you feel better soon and if you are not already on the newer drugs then perhaps you should ask about them at your next appointment.

Have a good holiday xx


Hi Mille, thanks for that. I knew I had seen it somewhere but just couldn't find it. I am on MTX and Enbrel although my rheumy is threatening to change me onto something else if the Enbrel looks as if it is no longer doing its job.

My bone scans are normal and have even shown a slight improvement which is all to the good but I am to have another one in about 2 years time.

LavendarLady x


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