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Cancelled appointment update

Thanks to all who replied to my blog from Saturday regarding my cancelled appointment. My husband rang my consultant's secretary this morning without me knowing and as luck would have it someone had cancelled an appt today and I was able to see my consultant with his last appt of the day.

I was due a blood test today and so my consultant had those results on his computer screen. My liver levels are up again (ALT - 350) and so he has stopped the Leflunomide and given me a course of steroids. He has given me some info on anti-TNF therapy to look through as that may be the next step. I have to have another blood test next week and then see the nurses in about 5 weeks to reassess my DAS score before a definitive decision is made.

He said it was no wonder that I felt so rough and miserable but assures me that coming off the Leflunomide and taking the steroids will help and will also bring the liver levels down.

I know how lucky I am to have got that appointment and also for having such a lovely caring hubby despite that fact that he went rifling through my papers to find the numbers to call to sort something out - I will forgive him!

Mags x

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Oh Mags how thoughtful and caring of your husband.

I'm so glad you got in to see consultant even if it meant alt levels up and having to come off leflunomide. Hopefully the steriods will kick in soon and then you can get on anti tnf.

Take care




Great news you got that appointment and well done Mr Mags:))))) but not a good news on your blood results your Alt seems really high compared to my highest which was 100, But i was told then to come of the meds i was on with that result, when did you have your last results on your ALT and what was that? XXX


Hi Shirl,

I know this result is very high - he did seem quite concerned. I had my last blood test 2 weeks ago when the alt was 76, a week before that it was 95. My nurse had been in contact then to say that it was slightly up which is why they kept me on the low dose of Leflunomide. We had hoped that it would continue to come down but was not to be. My consultant says that's just the way it goes, some tolerate the drugs and some don't and of course you don't know how you will cope until you give them a go. Xx


Well done to that man for ringing the secatary. Glad you managed to she the dr after


Well done to ur lovely caring hubby :)))


That's brilliant Mags! Good on that hubbie! Sorry your levels are up but pleased for you that they're doing something for you now. Take care Janet xxx


I'm so relieved for you - well done to your husband. Hope the liver goes down now you are off the Lef. Tilda xx


Well done that man glad you r getting g somewhere now.

I'm the same as you liver went hay wire take. off leflunomide starting on steroids now

Then starting enbrel next Monday

Hope all goes well with you Karen x


good result! glad he is considering you for anti-tnf therapy. I hope you meet the criteria and can start it soon, and that it gives you really good results.


yeah result xxx thinking of you


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