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What a week!!!!

Well where do i start,probaly last friday. We took my george to manchester airport so he could get his plane to orlando as he's working on the cruise ships for 6mths, I had started to ache then,what with sitting in the car going there and coming home. Suffice to say i broke my heart when he left, what am i going to be like when grace goes god only knows. The week went from bad to worse. Felt like nothing on earth and i'm not sleeping very well again. I'm probaly stressing myself out because i knew i'd the hospital yesterday. Mt daughter and i had a big falling out, things were said that shouldn't have been said. I was so upset with her for thinking what she was thinking. It got worse wednesday night and we ended upboth of us sobbing our hearts out. Anyway it got sorted out to a degree. She told her dad yesterday that she regretted some of the things she said. Everything is back on an even keel now. Went and had my hair coloured yesterday even though i felt delicate as i hasn't slept much and i was in a lot of pain. My fingers are starting to thicken up again and they are painful too, knee is still inflamed. Had psychio and then i had to go to ra clinic. Both went fairly well.

Today i went to the doctors for a review on my meds. He won't let me drive for the foreseable future because of the inflamation. So thats out of the window, just when i thought they might let me get back behind the wheel. My meds for fibro have been doubled which i expected as i wasn't sleeping and he has reduced the pregabalin to 1 a day.

This looks like being a long winter, think i might try and get on a cruise ship for the winter!!!! yee right (joke). Heating is going on as i can't afford to be cold even if the gas company are putting up their prices, b""""y robbers, how are they allowed to put up prices by 18% is beyond me.

Well lovely people thats my moan over with. Hope you all have a lovely and happy weekend.

Sylvia (moaning minnie)

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Hi Sylvia.

Sorry you've had such a rotten week, but most of all I'm happy you have sorted things out with your daughter. We all say things in the heat of the moment but as long as you can sort things out later that is the main thing.

I had a falling out with my mom more than five years ago and we haven't spoken since. not as though she was ever a proper mom to me or any of us really,apart from my brother that is.

I'm having my hair done later too, always makes us feel better, a bit of pampering!

I think it's going to be a long winter too, going cold already, although it is supposed to be nice next week!

I hope you can start to sleep better soon, awful when you can't sleep, it drags you down all day.

Take care Sylvia

mand xx


thanks for your kind words mand,it is a pity about your mum and i have some understanding in that area too. we didn't speak for a few weeks and it isn't very pleasant.i always felt that my brother and sister were wanted more than me. My mum always said that it wasn't true,but thats how i felt. I won't bore you with all the details as both mum and dad are gone. I've got different colours in my hair and the same on my nails. I'll have to work out how to upload them to the site and then i'll show you.

As for the seasons they are all topsy turvy this year. I think it will settle in time as long as the weather improves if it doesn't its going to be a miserable winter all round for a lot of us. Hope you have a nice time at the hairdressers.

Sylvia. xx


Sorry that you've been having such a difficult and upsetting time Sylvi:-(

I hope that you manage to get some sleep and have a spell of greater calm on all horizons.

Cece x


you have had a really horrible week Sylvie, so glad you got things sorted with your daughter, nothing so horrible as a lingering disagreement on top of all your pain! Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight - i have had the same for the past two weeks, every night 4am/ 4.30 its a killer and i have to get up at 7 like it or not, there is nothing so annoying. Anyway hope you are feeling a bit better now or else in bed sleeping like a baby.


Sorry about your week, rows and aches. Mother daughter relationships are so tricky. I know mine was too. However as to the seasons they've just said it's going to be a warm autumn so let's hope!



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