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24 years old and quit smoking yesterday

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hi everyone, i'm a smoker, my drug of choice is 5% salt nicotine disposable vapes. i have been smoking on and off for roughly 4 years, and i've decided to quit because it is making my anxiety worse and taking a toll on my physical health as well.

i have been nicotine free since yesterday at 5pm, so that would now make it 23 hours that i have not taken a puff, and i have to say, i am struggling. i am incredibly emotional, i have had rapid heart rate on and off, and increased sweating. it almost feels like 1000 baby birds screaming in unison inside my head. it's been very difficult. one more hour and i'd have made it 24 hours which i hope is a milestone. i quit cold turkey because i'm terrified of side effects from patches or gum.

does it get easier? when? because i honestly feel kinda low at the moment.

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