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Need help

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Hello everyone my name is musty this is the first time I’m doing this don’t know if it’s going to work for me but then I think it’s best to try.i have been smoking marijuana for about 4years now and I’ve tried several times to stop but my it’s rather hard I had problems worth my academics relationship life and even the society I try to handle everything without talking to anyone about it but it keeps getting hard especially now that am an addict I can’t be talk to anyone about how much it hurts me especially now that my mom just found out she’s not happy at all and she caught me twice even though I told her I wasn’t going to stop it keeps getting the main reason I find it so hard is because of the type of friends I have but I literally grew up with them and I don’t have no other friends because naturally I don’t like too much people in my life I want to hear from y’all anyone at all that read this all should talk to me cause most times I feel so alone

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I used to smoke it too with friends that I have now that still smoke it, one day I just said no and decided to not do it again, it takes will power but when craving just workout or focus on something else, once you have stopped you will feel so much better and energetic

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I wish it were that easy

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Thank you though

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