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Merry Smoke free Christmas from a dusty Mozambique

Merry Smoke free Christmas from a dusty Mozambique

Entering the festive season with so much to be thankful and really sorry to be absent the last few weeks …But as we all know life has got some ups and downs…..and the drought is really tough.

On the farming side very ,very difficult with the continuous drought and the Mozambique government stopped irrigation with the main water source under 20%…But we are allowed to withdraw water to supply our communities….and households

I have been moving pump stations to a more appropriate position …and almost working 24/7 and enjoying it…Keeps body and soul healthy to be busy…and as Deepika Padukone said:”The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest”

Roisin your touching post hit a soft spot and once again I know why I consider you as a very strong woman..!

To all the new Champix quitters ….Well done..and yes it is not a magic pill and you must still be very careful…our biggest enemy is complacency.

Champix doesn’t make you stop but really helps you if you want to stop.

I am one of the lucky ones and after two and a half years never even thought of smoking anymore and can just acknowledge the fact that smokers do not smell good,,,nicely said !!!

I am like a teenager and so excited awaiting my new Kayak…It was fetched by a friend from the Stealth factory yesterday and my son drove down to Durban (600 Km) to fetch my Christmas box ,.,,,From Dad to Dad….Will be in Mozambique tomorrow…! The send me the pic !!

Well summer is on us and 40⁰ C days is normal and I hope to get it on the water this Christmas, The Jet Ski will really just be gathering dust this year…!

To all new quitters out there….Please hang on in there…Life on the other side is super and so worth it…How hard it may seem now that good it becomes… Colin Powell nailed it when he said: “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.

Stay well and hope you all will have a Merry smoke free Christmas,,,,!!

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Ah Hercu, what a wonderful inspiring post to make up for your absence, good to have you back with us, if only for a short time.

I can't imagine what it is like having to the endure the terrible drought ye are experiencing, please god, ye get the rain for Christmas. We in Ireland, take water so much for granted, but had a taste for it when we had the worst winter back in 2010 and had no water for over a week, as pipes froze and burst, we were the lucky ones, some households had no water for up to 3 months,

Enjoy your new beaut and stay safe. Wishing you, Hetta and all your family a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas :)


GREat post wow 😍


Sending good vibes your way that the drought ceases soon. Yes, busy is good, that is never deniable, but be nice to also get out on that sweet kayak! Your post is thoughtful and beautiful. Thank you. Thank you again. I will be coming back to this. Wish I had a knack for words like you sir. I should do some more page turning. Happy Healthy Holidays!


hi Hercu

a great post,as usuall,very heartwarming 😁

how are your girls,hope everyone oi good 😁

I have been doing rain dance,I hope the heavens open up soon for you.

great picture,your so lucky 😁,

take care 😊

have a lovely time

keep kicking 😁


Great post Hercu! Have a very merry, and very warm (!) Christmas.


Enjoy the kayak! And a Merry and Wet Christmas.

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