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Quitting Nicorette Quick Mist


Hi guys,

I'm posting to see if others have had the same problem after quitting cigarettes and ending up addicted to Nicorette Quick Mist? I saw a few posts where others have had similar trouble, but sadly I don't think many people have been able to get off of it.

Quick background: I've quit smoking cigarettes for about 4 years but that whole time I've been using the spray. 4 whole years of non-stop nicotine. I would have surely spent thousands on it over the years as the bottles built up. I've managed to go off it for a short period before due to an unrelated health scare, but stupidly I started back up again.

I'm trying to quit now (I want this, right now to be the end of it), and I honestly haven't lasted barely a few hours without it. I have 3 unopened bottles in my drawer and I'm trying to resist the urge to use it, but the nicotine cravings are so bad that I just feel horrible and miserable.

I'd like to know if anyone else is in the same boat, or has any tips on quitting? Both for cigarettes and especially NRT. Something about this is making me feel really disheartened at the fact that I've become so utterly addicted to the spray and I really just wish I could snap the hell out of this. I want to cry. The realisation that Nicorette is what I look forward to makes me feel disgusted at myself, and I can't break the habit or the feeling.

On a more positive note, my updated (as of this hour) plan is to continue to go for as long without Nicorette spray as I can, and if I do use it, limit the use to only 3 times per day and gradually cut down from there. That's how I initially quit the cigarettes until I became so frustrated that I threw my final pack in the bin and screamed. I'm determined to get through this no matter what, and if I slip up I'll just have to keep trying until I finally get there.

Sorry for the rant, I'm scared and rather sad but I hope anyone else who struggles with addiction or smoking will know that we can get past this.

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Yes I know exactly what you’re going through. Quick mist is highly addictive and extremely expensive , I was using 3-4 spreads per week at times for about 5 years on and off (the off times were when I started smoking again !)I’ve been off it for over a year now and completely nicotine free and I’ll tell you how I did it: I quit drinking alcohol as that was such a trigger for me to use nicotine. I thought I would be alcohol free for 3 months to really get off tobacco related products, as it happens I found that I preferring sober and so I’ve been dry all that time .

If I did have a drink I wonder if I would want to smoke ? I don’t know and I don’t plan to find out !

So my advice is to quit cold turkey , it’s the only way that works . You will feel edgy for a few weeks but just repeat the mantra . « I don’t smoke or drink ever , period « then it’s simple also I found exercise a great help in the early days to release tension .in a few weeks you’ll be free

Go to that drawer where those mists are and throw them away . Good luck

mads1996 in reply to sensidog

Thank you for your response! I'm so happy to hear that you managed to quit the quickmist, it gives me a lot more confidence knowing that it's doable. And the alcohol as well, congratulations!I've never been able to stomach much alcohol (one beer is enough to give me a headache and cause stomach pain so I gave up the idea of drinking early) but I can completely relate to how it's a trigger. For me, the quickmist has probably overtaken the part where I would drink.

I'm going to have to get rid of those 3 cartridges of quickmist sprays. I've tried resisting it but sadly haven't been able to go one day without it. I have managed to greatly reduce the amount I use in one day though, by writing down the exact times I use it so I can see just how much I'm abusing it. Tracking my cravings and writing down triggers has helped immensely so far, as I can see that I'm not really getting any physical withdrawals for pretty much an entire day if I'm kept entirely busy and occupied.

The cravings seem to hit worst at night, around 10pm, when I can fully relax and start preparing for bed.

mads1996 in reply to sensidog

So far, I've managed to go from waking up and using the nicotine spray continuously throughout the day to ignoring it until about 9pm-10pm. It's not great, but it's a start.I'm doing my best to record everything and all the shitty thoughts I have so that I can face it full on when I run out.

Just a quick update here for myself and anyone who struggles with this: I've noticed that I don't seem to get physical withdrawal symptoms whilst cutting down. It's more that it's my brain TELLING me that I'll surely feel horrible soon and that the withdrawal will be awful. The reality is that this hasn't happened yet. Maybe in a few days I'll be singing a completely different tune, but I'm going to try to push forward and not buy a new set. It's much easier to ignore the nicotine if it's out of sight.

sensidog in reply to mads1996

Withdrawal isn’t that bad as long as you’re resolved to quitting . Try and take exercise if you can , it gives you endorphins. And sleep . After a few days you’ll be through it . Good luck !

Why not trying swapping mist for gum or one of the other NRT drugs. Break the cycle that way but keep a handle on the new fix

mads1996 in reply to Beach66

Hello, thank you for your response! My friend gave me some low dosage patches to use while I get used to not using the spray. I'm now on day 2 of not using the quickmist and if I'm being completely honest; I feel like the patches aren't doing anything other than driving me up the wall lol.

I attempted to swap the spray for gum about a year ago but I have chronic problems with my jaw joint so sadly it wasn't meant to be. I'll just have to keep going as I am now, patches and no spray, at least that way I'll be unable to use such a high dose of nicotine in one go.

Beach66 in reply to mads1996

Good luck with whatever method you choose

mads1996 in reply to Beach66

Thank you! I'll do my best and see how we go.

Day 2 of patches (that I feel do absolutely nothing) and no nicotine spray: I feel pretty sad and restless. The hours are suddenly passing so much slower than before, is that a thing? It doesn't feel too great if I'm speaking honestly, I have the awful urge to make a quick dash to the chemist to buy 1 cartridge. Just 1. But nope. Not going to fall for that.

Aside from a generalized sadness feeling, everything else is okay. No headaches, no insomnia. I hope I feel a bit happier soon, I think this is where I could easily get worn down.

I haven't told any friends or family that I'm quitting, they didn't even know I was addicted to the spray and believed my time as a smoker was only social. Somehow I've hidden my addiction for years, and I fear telling them now whilst I'm in the worst of withdrawals will only stress me out more, and then I'll give in. Or perhaps that's just the nicotine panic talking.

So yes, this feels rather jarring and lonely, but I'm sure we'll get through it x

Never fall for the ,”just one “ voice in your head , that’s kidding yourself . You just have to quit period! For ever . Good luck


Welcome to the community mads1996, how are you getting on?

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