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Just a Brag!!

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free

Goodaye Everyone, I am pleased to be able to post that I have just completed my 3rd year as a non smoker. To celebrate as usual I dug another bloody hole!! I thought I would have put the shovel in the rack by now but it appears holes are my go. So although smoke free, Obesity is still slapping me around the guts hahaha. However I have shoveled a few kilos and threw them in the hole. I started a garden 3 years ago which is flourishing and the money I saved from the fags I built a shed including a concrete floor and put solar panels on top all from 3 yrs of not smoking. OMG I could have bought a Rolls Royce If I had stopped 46 years ago!!! Still better late than never. No doubt Covid is making it hard for people now to try and stay off the smokes but just keep persevering and you also will be able to build a shed even if you don't want one you will be able to have one!!!!. I am still not jumping up and down and doing marathons and all that nonsense yet hahaha but I get out of the chair quicker and meander to the garden at a pace a bloke on a walking frame would be proud of!!! Remember, just because we give up and become losers, We end up WINNERS Woo Hoo :) !!!! Stay as strong as you can everyone. sorry for the dodgy pic.

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reader20192 Years Smoke Free

Congrats to you on three years!

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to reader2019

Thankyou Reader2019. You look like you are doing well also!!

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Chickweed12 Years Smoke Free

Be proud of what you have achieved! I think I’m 7 years - but only because this group propped me up.

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to Chickweed1

Thanks Chickweed1, Yes this group did the same for me

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Wow dugahole 3 years already! Huge congratulations and well done, you should be very proud of yourself.

Great to hear from you and that life is treating you well. As always, your posts bring a smile to my face :)

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you Roison01, You wouldn't believe it but last night I had a dream where I was trying to smoke again!!!! They say pride comes before a fall however, in my case a roll!! So no more bragging for me I better go out today and dig another hole as penance!!! I do have a small trench to dig to hook up an overflow from a tank. Still on tank water here. Thanks for being here for everyone with your bright supportive charm.

CONGRATULATIONS 3 yrs is great! so happy for you!

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to kycmary

Thank you Kycmary, I hope you are enjoying life as well.

Yes I am enjoying my life I have been smoke free for over 21.5 yrs now, I don't cough my head off all the time & I haven't had bronchitis since I quit smoking. Oh and food tastes so much better.

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Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

What a great post to read. Congratulations on 3 years, Dug!! I love that you built a shed and have a garden. I'm still fighting my extra weight. Now I blame quitting smoking AND the pandemic. It's never because I put too much food in my pie hole 😏

I think you quit before me. My 3 year anniversary is this November. I'm also retiring this December. I cannot WAIT. A one year old baby grand daughter named Lolo will keep me busy.

Keep being the wonderful you that is Dugahole and enjoy the rest of your summer in the garden.

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to Quit4Money

Thankyou Quit4money. Yes I remember we weren't far apart on our quit dates. Thank goodness we are both still quitters hey!!! Good luck on your retirement. I recently retired. It was a little earlier than planned due to Covid we had no option but to close up however, It was probably a decision that needed to be made hahahah Extra weight, Remember when I said I sewed the buttons back on my shirt well I did but I still had to get new bigger ones to fit hahaha. I wish I had a pie hole to put some pies in!!!Still my cardiac Doctor told me better to be fat than smoke so looks like fat it is hey hahaha. My scales in the bathroom start spinning when they hear me walking up the hallway!!! Stay well and enjoy Lolo. We are in lock down again at the moment so looking forward to catching up with my family and grandchildren. We had a big party booked for my babies 21st and had to cancel due to lock down so missed getting together. Still many people are doing it really tough so We are the lucky ones. Stay in touch

Congrats to you - fair play

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to daveallanon

Thank you Daveallan, hopefully you are doing well also.

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