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Start of Day5 , Sad for some reason?

GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free

I don't understand it? I like to think I am the typical "STRONG" South African man,

But for some or other reason I am REALLY feeling down! I don't feel like any of the normal Sunday jobs - Washing Cars, Cleaning the pool ,grooming the Collies I just don't have then ENERGY or the desire - I keep feeling like i have "lost" something and am anxious for no apparent reason!

WorseIi am sooooo HUNGRY ! I never eat in the morning but for the last three days i have eaten at 6;30 am - havnt eaten that early since the Army!

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Scarlet1231 Year Smoke Free

GazzabSA, I feel you! It’s part of the process.... letting go of the old ways and stepping through to the new.

Take it easy and slow and one day at a time.

Deep breaths....go take your

Gorgeous dogs for long walks!

Stay strong 💪 you can do it 🌺🦋🌸

Itsabouttime1 Year Smoke Free

Yep, I remember feeling down, sluggish and blah for awhile but it truly does get better!


Welcome GazzabSA - congratulations on 5 days smoke free, well done! The feeling of being down, lack of motivation is all perfectly normal nicotine withdrawals as you go through the motions of grief from no longer having your crutch. The hunger is a false one and down to everything tasting and smelling so much better as your sense of taste and smell recovers.

Below pinned post is worth a read if not already done so on 'The Icky Threes' or 'The Blahs'

Drink plenty of water, get out in the fresh air to clear the head and avoid caffeine and alcohol until things settle down :)

HercuValued Contributor

Gassab...It is crazy for a man to feel that total feeling of loss and "incompetence"

BUT.. Hang on in there really goes away and soon you will realize that light in the tunnel is not a train coming...but truly the end of it

Being a South African man myself and understanding our morals and appreciation of strong men it was just as difficult for me to cope with that total "Blah"...That feeling of losing everything...Your sparkle and mojo...

You can live it out or supplement with herbal over the counter supplements to quicken the healing process...and nobody will think you are a "Sissy"

Stay strong en "Loop Mooi"

GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thanks Man,

Much appreciated!

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