13th day no smoking and it's hard!

I've been powering through these past 12 days but today is horrible. It's like the cravings from day 2 are back with a vengeance and the depression/anxiety is amped up as well. I've had a few off days but nothing that was as intense as this. I've read the first week is the worst so it's very frustrating to be feeling like this today. I don't want to ruin all the effort I've put in but I am very worried today will be the day I cave . :-(

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  • Don't think there must be something wrong. This happened to me and it has happened to LOADS of people on this site so rest assured it's perfectly normal. You're doing great but you will get days like this when everything seems futile and you could kill for a cigarette. That probably isn't much consolation but at least you know we have all been through it.

  • Thank you it helps to think it's just today and tomorrow will be better.

  • If it gets too much an early night can work wonders. You don't have cravings if you're asleep. It worked for me a few times in the early days.

  • Welcome Amayeux86 to our community and congratulations on 13 days smoke free, that is great :) Are you stopping cold turkey? If so, you are in the thick of the mental battle as your body and mind rewire, repair and recover - unfortunately this is a gradual process and takes time, therefore what you are experiencing is perfectly normal and you will have these feelings and cravings for a few weeks more. I know it is easier said than done, but try to embrace the journey and be patient (I stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago and thought I would be on top of the world after a week!). I promise, it will get easier as each day passes, just take day by day, even hour by hour if needs be, lots of early nights.

    Below is a link to some pinned posts worth a read if not already so:


    Stay close to us and post anytime, you can do this and we are here to help :)

  • I did quit cold turkey. I tried once before and failed. This time I want it permanently! Thank you for the links they helped.

  • The craves spike at various times, sometimes for no reason, sometimes from a trigger you are not aware of. Since this is a Saturday you might be dwelling more on it then you would during the week. Find something to do and don't cave.

  • I didn't think about it being the weekend. This may very well be a trigger. Thank you for the encouragement .

  • Amayeux....Warm welcome....That is why we like to call this quit thing a "Roller Coaster" ride...The on day you are on top of the world and the next you are in the valley of darkness...It can be in hours, days and even weeks, BUT if you get through you will be so much stronger in the next dip....Hang on in there..

    Yes, do not waste your effort up to now...!!

  • As others have said, this has been one of your bad days. You won't always feel like this but it is incredibly difficult to battle through. I had to mark off each 5 mins I managed, then eventually every hour, and finally every day. Somehow to see it marked on calendar - number of days plus amount of money saved each day, helped. I almost lived on this forum - it was my sort of life-line. I probably posted all kinds of rubbish - including how (on a particularly bad day) I almost hurled my whirliegig line over the fence) - but it certainly was a tremendous help. I read each post avidly and commented often. You will start to have less bad days, I promise! You are doing so well!

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