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Quit smoking run everyday

Sharan0096 Months Smoke Free

I hv started smoking at the age of 20.

I m 25 now. I don't hv any valid reason to quit smoking. One day I went out for running watching bhag milkha bhag movie. I ran almost for 3 km and I m out of my stamina. I had no strength to do anything after that. I didn't feel like smoking even though when I had 12 Gold flag cigrattes in my bag. I have been doing the same from past 109 days now still I have those cigrates in my bag still I don't feel like smoking. I use to smoke 2 packets a day and don't know why I don't feel like smoking. I m in love with running I run 8 km today. I have become fair. Gained stamina' toned my body have come in shape. I don't visit a place where I use to smoke and until and unless I wont go to that spot I wont smoke I know that. I got a job 90 days ago and I have no time for any other things to do. I just run. Eat. Go to work and Sleep and I do same thing everyday.

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Hi Sharan and a warm welcome to this our friendly community .What a great post amazing 💪and very very inspiring .

👍You are one young man who smoked and now you are motivated to live a healthier life i hope lots of young people read your post

Keep it up 👍

HercuValued Contributor

Sharan...Welcome !

You are a very wise young man...Keep going...well done !!


Welcome to our community Sharan009 - congratulations on over 100 days smoke free, that is great!

Wishing you continued strength and success in your journey and running :)

Keep in touch when you can....

PS Can you confirm your stop date as 05 March 2018 for your accurate milestone badges?

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