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Monica19691 Year Smoke Free

Hi all, this is what inspires me every day, over the last month you can see how my BPM has come down since stopping smoking, I’m guessing this means my blood pressure has reduced too so fingers crossed my Dr might lower or take me off my high blood pressure medication (family trait unfortunately)

I hope you all have seen some big changes that also inspire you to stay in this difficult road 🤗

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helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Hi Monica. I had a health check recently (after 1 month smoke free) and my resting heart rate too has dropped from 62 to 53 bpm, which is a mind blowing 14% improvement in my respiratory health!

Good luck Monica, keep going and I may I wish you the very best of health x

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Monica19691 Year Smoke Free in reply to helpmequit

Its such a good feeling isnt it? the fact you can see your body repairing. As you can see, mine has gone from 80+ to 65/66, I don't think it will go any lower due to the family issue of high blood pressure but I'm sure my Dr will be impressed and may give me a try off the medication, I will wait another couple of months before I ask though.

Good luck to you to :-)

Monica congratulations ! Your health is improving ..what a great inspiration .

At almost 1 year I Ive notice myself been more relaxed and specially I don’t over worry as much as I used to .I take it all day by day .Another improvement is my skin and digestion .keep it up 👍

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Monica19691 Year Smoke Free in reply to

Morning Karina, my skin suffers with spots just on my nose and at 48 it’s a little annoying, plus in the past I’ve had gall bladder issues, I’ve been ok for a few years, I’ve also suffered with lots of wind and bloating most of my adult life so your comments have given me hope

Well done on almost a year..!!! Can’t wait to get to that stage. Day 20 today 😃

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