O..La..La !!!!!

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Since Hercu Quit Smoking

Hercu’s Progress Report

Cravings Phase Progress - 100%

Heart Rate Recovery - 100%

Blood Pressure Recovery - 100%

Carbon Monoxide Removal - 100%


Nicotine Removal - 100%

Amount Of Smoking Related Deaths Since Hercu Quit


Amount Of Cigarettes Hercu Has Resisted



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  • Wow indeed Hercu!! :o

    PS Where is your how many extra days of life gained stat?

  • Gee...Missed that one was 102 Days last week ...!!! Will check !

  • That is amazing Hercu 102 days regained life :)

  • Wow indeed!  13 and a half thousand cigarettes!!  I've just looked at my stats and I'm only just over 7 thousand.  Wow you must have been a heavy smoker!

  • I pumped 60 some days....Average 50 per day...!!

  • Holey moley your poor lungs! I bet they're so much happier now 

  • Definitely !!!!!    

  • Didn't realise you were on that many Hercu! Makes your quit even more impressive!

  • love those stats! Scary isn't it :p

  • Seriously scary... Almost 6 Million people ....Incredible !!

  • As my kids would say, OMG! Well done Hercu - prompts me to look at my stats (not that they will be antwhare near as impressive!)

  • wow Hercu 

    that's some info

    very scary to think we could so easy be there.but we've woken up.we decided to take control.

    what statistic's can do

    anyone wavering.thinking one fag wont hurt.well actually yes it will.

    now iv had my grown up min.

    time for a smile.

    the lady at work nearly chocked when one little boy at school who has seen me with my bike asked

    "does Rebecca go on your bike

    have you fell off.

    does it hurt."

    I said no.she doesn't go on.

    no I haven't fell off.

    and yes probably does hurt if you do fall.

    the boy thought it was so funny when I said

    "I have fallen asleep when Rebecca grandad was driving.i dozed off a while "

    so funny his little face

    anyway take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Thanks Lizzy ...Yes that one can do a lot of damage although we did not believed it whilst we were happily puffing our life's away.

    I could Imagine that disbelief on that child's face..Thanks..!!

  • hi Hercu 

    yes I know.my darling hubby was going to have a t shirt made up saying


    ha ha.yes he was joking ❓

    no I know it was bad.couldn't help it.a big DIZZY MOMENT ha ha

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Wellll...He wouln't be wrong would he ???? (Just joking Lizzy)

    Have a nice Day !!!

  • ha ha ha

    happy thoughts.funny but not.

  • What a welcome post, not least as it inspires me to keep going,  WOW does not seem a adequate word, I've just looked in my little black book, on the page with your name it's says.

    Fantastical, magical, amazing, wonderful. 

    Have just peeped my head in the penthouse,  so gorgeous, what ever you want you can have. That is within reason, if you know what I mean ........

    Now give it some thought over the next month, am sure, all will be accommodated 

    .not long to a full year amazing.

  • Thank you Tracey...It is your inner beauty that allows you to see good in other people....

    Yes.... hope the penthouse knows what is coming... 27 Days from today..!!  

  • How do you get stats?

    Truly inspirational! ❤️

  • Harkut it is an App and just confirming with our moderator if allowed to name the App on this forum...!

  • Is there an app that you use?.

  • Just confirming with our moderator if I am allowed to name the app.

  • Hey Lucy1255 , Harkut , there is a progress/stat page on Facebook if you use that social media, not as detailed as Hercu's but gives how many days, hours, mins etc.... quit, how much money saved and a daily motivator....

  • Yes I am on Facebook I did see a few other apps but you have to pay $9.99 ..........I think not

  • The one I am on facebook with is free and called 'quitometer' Lucy1255

  • I'll check it out

  • Nice stats!!  How much money is that saved in the UK?  Here in Georgia - about $1800.00 at a pack a day .. X 11 months --- yuck I'm can't stand the odor of cigs anymore !!!!!

  •  @ £8-00 per 20 pack average I would have saved £5365-00. !!! in the UK. 

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