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Strong craving

ipopz9 Months Smoke Free

Hello all!

First of all - it's my first post here and I am not native english speaker (please turn a blind eye to the grammar :)

I decided to quit smoking on day 1 of my business trip to Mexico where I smoked my last cig when I got out of the plane in Chihuahua. I stayed there for 2 weeks with my

no-smoking co-workers. I had no idea where to buy cigs and I didn't even wanted to know. Two weeks passed easily. I had few moments when I was thinking about smoking, but I dealt with it easily.

Now when I am back (its week 3 - day 19) I have this strong cravings to smoke. I thought its gonna get easier with time but it seems like its getting harder.

Any thoughts when these cravings will be gone or at least less intensive?

PS. All the best for all of you! Stay strong :)

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free

Wow, cold turkey for two weeks!! Well done! It felt very much like it got harder for me too, but, the cravings were further apart in time, very intense but further apart.

Perhaps the key is that you were busy, everything was new so not in your regular routine?

I kept very busy initially and replaced my smoking with exercise. I tried not to take alcohol and actually only fell down when I did drink!

Be kind to yourself, celebrate your incredible achievement and stay busy if you can. Avoid situations where you previously would have smoked and change one thing about your regular routine. I stopped having a morning coffee so early and instead had green tea and lemon.

You are amazing, so is your English!! Stay strong!

ipopz9 Months Smoke Free in reply to jobm1

Thank you very much for kind words!

It was my first day at work after business trip and surprisingly it wasn't that bad! I was afraid that I will be tempted by all the people that I smoked with, but they all understood and whished me good luck :)

I replaced smoke breaks with walks around the company buildings - I guess it works :)

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to ipopz

Brilliant!! Well done! 😊

HercuValued Contributor

Ipopz ...super entry post and excellent English...Welcome and congrats on 19 Days...Cravings is very much connected to the habit of smoking...In an unknown surrounding your mind does not recognize those moments were you will lit up and relax with a cigarette...Now back in your comfort zone there is triggers everywhere, there was certain routines, like finishing a task then light a cigarette, that is what's happening with you now...The old routine is back and your brain acts according...

Stay strong !! It really does get better, when is difficult to say...!!

ipopz9 Months Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thanks Hercu! I really appreciate your words :)


Now when I'm thinking about it, the worst cravings I have are in my apartment while beeing bored. Normally I would take a cig and smoke it on balcony in these moments of bordeom. I guess I need to find something to get occupied with in order to forget about the craving.

HercuValued Contributor in reply to ipopz

You, nailed it...Really must get something else to do in leisure time...!!


Huge welcome to our community ipopz - congratulations on 3 weeks smoke free, well dome!

What you are experiencing now is 'the blahs' or 'icky threes' - have a read of below pinned post if not already done so:

These cravings should ease soon - its Mr Nico playing tricks with our minds as it continues to rewire, repair and recover....lots of water, deep breathing and a bit of walk every day to clear the head will help.

We look forward to reading your progress :)


1 month today ipopz - hope you are keeping well and had a wee treat :P

ipopz9 Months Smoke Free

Still going strong! 1 month 1 day 15h without a cigarette!

No strong cravings anymore - just 1 minute "Oh, nomrally I would have a cigarette now", but it passes quickly.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to ipopz

3 months now ipopz - hope things are continuing to go well?

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