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Depression and champix

I'm on the third pack of champix. Quit date was Feb 5.. which I've stuck with no giving in im so proud. But damn this depression is smothering me. I've always suffered w depression but these pills increase it significantly.. most days I wanna stay in bed talk to no one. Constantly feel irritated and sad for no reason.. I will continue pills as I don't wanna start smoking again wanna give myself the best chance. But if this depression gets much worse I'm not so sure..so grateful for a supportive bf but it's definately taking a toll on our relationship... we shall see how it goes.

Thx for reading xo

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Hopeful...We humans are actually "Happy animals" and need something happening to make us feel happy...In primitive times we hunted and fished and gathered wood and berries,,,That made life worth to live...

Nowadays we smoke, have a beer with friends, play or watch sports, drive fast...just to get that rush...we do not need to run from a Dinosaur..

We smoked because our brain and receptors was hijacked by nicotine and only released that happy chemical (Dopamine) when we introduced more nicotine. We smoked to be happy..!

Champix mimics Nicotine and make you believe you are smoking but there is no release of Dopamine hence the depression..Although a doctor should not have prescribed Champix if you have a history of depression....

Please ask a good Pharmacist to help you with herbal supplements to get that dopamine flowing again.. Eat Bananas, Hazel nuts...and exercise...!!

Stay strong and be alert not to go to far into depression..it is dangerous !!


Wise words.


Thank you so much. Yup drs appt booked. Take care ❣

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Hi Hopeful

Not on champix myself but have had probs with anxiety/depression during my quit.

So in case it's of any help, a few things I've done to ease it;

- cut out caffeine, which increases anxiety

- taking magnesium supplement - stress pains in back/chest have stopped

- eating healthy and taking multivitamins

- listening to guided meditations on youtube

- valerian to help with sleep.

- make myself exercise everyday - even just a little bit

Wishing you all the best xx



Thx so much on the helpful tips. Will definately look into the vitamins asap. Congrats on 3 months 😏


Hi hopeful8p,

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time, I am on champix too and hadn't really noticed the mood/personality change until my husband pointed it out. I went to see my doctor as I have a problem with depression and anxiety too, he was very understanding and suggested reducing the dosage rather than coming off the tablets altogether as I really didn't want to endanger my quit! This worked really well for me, I take one tablet a day now. You are on your third pack so maybe you can start to wean yourself off it a bit?

I would definitely suggest that you try talking to your doctor about it.. Being depressed won't help your quit anyway and I'm sure you will be able to find some sort of compromise that will keep you smoke free and not damage your mental health.

Best of luck with it whatever you decide! Stay strong 💪


Awe thanks a bunch. Thats a good idea to cut down to one a day. Seeing my Dr in a couple days. You're so sweet thx. Nice to not feel alone. So hard to make someone understand depression that's never had it 😔

Taker easy xo


You are definitely not alone, a lot of people here have experienced depression of varying degrees while quitting so there is a fair bit of understanding.

I know what you mean though about trying to get people to understand how it feels. I often think it's similar to quitting in that to me it's a really big deal and all I think about but to everyone else it's 'oh well done' and then move on with their lives.

Good luck with doctor and take care of yourself. X


Huge welcome to our community Hopeful8p (great name, never loose hope :) ).

Congratulations on almost at your first massive milestone of 1 month tomorrow, well done!

I can't add anything more to the excellent advice given above other than definitely speak to your doctor and see if they can help you with your history of depression, please be reassured though, depression is a very common nicotine withdrawal when we initially stop smoking, post anytime about anything, we are here to help in whatever way we can.

Below is a link to some pinned posts worth a read if not already done so:


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You're the best thank you xo

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1 month today Hopeful8p - hope you have a nice treat lined up :P


Hey hun !

So you got the Blah's too .... (thats my pet name for it ). The 'BLAHS '

Firstly welldone to you on giving up the fags hun. Secondly its a rather long reply 😊

Its the hardest thing ive ever done. I started my champix on 1st feb ! Stopped smoking 11th feb . Felt fine just champed away i did untill......

About a week to two weeks after that....

I started to feel really BAD !!!!!

Ive just had the most horrendous ride going through this whilst on champix .

Ive been horrible 😔 ( how my partner hasn't strung me up i do not know ) 🤧

Ive no patience. No energy . Ive wanted to smack anyone that so as looked at me ! Ive wanted to push small crying children over and runover people with my shopping trolly 😂 ......

Ive eaten enough food for a small family ,,,in the space of an hour ! ( they could've live on it for a week )

I Rocketed up a dress size in a week.

Didnt want to see ,speak or involve myself in anything . And sleep Zzzzzz and Zzzzzzzz

You get my drift dont you ??? Im here to tell you it wont last..It will go believe me and It will, will get better . You are going through all the classic signs of nicotine withdrawal.I kept blamming the flipping tablets but its not . If you felt ok on them, up untill after you gave up smoking then its no doubt the withdrawal symptoms thats making you feel so rubbish hun.

So last sunday enough was enough i had to help myself feel better otherwise i would just stay in my pit all day !!!!! I started drinking as much water as i could (especially with fresh lemon) Bought some vitamins and minerals .

I cut out any alcohol. ( Keep that as a treat on a saturday.) I think it is very, very easy to start to substitute one bad thing for another , so hold that thought, because alcohol will not help ......Your feeling all signs of withdrawal and its nasty . Really nasty ....

But ive got a few tips for you .....Cut out all the fat gooey lovely food. 😢!!! I know i know ! But you can have an odd treat !!! 😁.....I Went back to my slimmingworld books. And i set my pedometer on my phone . Poured myself into my lycra leggings 😂😂😂(not pretty ) and i walked.

And i walked and i walked and i walked......every day ....aiming for 10000 steps ... except today cause my glutes and bum hurt like hell !!!! Bit of a rest day today , you need too !!! And hunny i really did start slowly but surely, over the week feel better. I had helped myself lift my mood . Also i decided that i need to treat myself . Ive done something massive by giving up smoking and so have YOU !!! 👏👏👏

Run yourself Lots of warm bubble baths, that will help and pamper yourself, nails , feet go Do it .... 😉

Get a good book out . A puzzle , maybe a hobby that you havent enjoyed for a while ....Try to distract yourself from those nasty ,horrible ,feelings your getting...

Its hard i know, but you will have this One last push hun and you'll start to feel better .Plan a treat for the weekend cause you damn well deserve it .....

You can feel better and you will feel better hunny ....

My bonus too is my weight is shifting back down again...... happy with that so i am 😁

So you go get those trainers on.

YES NOW !!!!!

No now !!!!!

Thats it .

Welldone .

Get the pedometer set .

If you havent got one dont worry you wont really need it.

Time for the coat .

Yes the coat !!!!

Water bottle full ???

Come on then lets go ........ 🏃🏃🏃

Please try this because after a little,while you will feel better ..... you are nearly there.....

Lots of luck to you

And i really hope you start to feel better real soon x


Hey hopeful,

How are you? I hope things have improved if even just a little.

Is The end of the champix packet in sight? 😀 x

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