Who Says Being A Quitter Is A Bad Thing?

For me it was the best thing that ever happened in my life.

 It has been 10 months ago driving the 400 km back from the doctor with a box of Champix in my pocket and a X-Ray in a brown envelope showing my poor lungs in a very bad shape after my 38 years of abusing them with toxins.....that is where I made the best decision of my life: quit or be acquitted !!

People say you can’t live without love...yes maybe... but I think Oxygen is more important and that life thrills and smoking kills....If you think smoking is cool you are a fool and what a big one I have been ?

When you give up smoking it is a different world....This new world where everything smells the way it should...Yes...Back allies smells bad, KFC still smell horrible... City parks should smell fresh but really does not, they stink !....The sea, the soil, the field flowers, the bush smells the way I remembered it as a child, lovely......The rediscovery of senses...Still amazes me every day !

Muhammed Ali’s wise words: “Don’t count the days, let the days count” served me well throughout my 10 months.. I am not suddenly a 25 year old stud (I wish) but slowly and surely I am getting back there..and it is worth all that initial suffering and emotions.... an American actress after winning an Oscar said: “ I am more proud of myself quitting smoking than anything else I have done in my life including winning an Oscar”

I feel the same and so should everyone on this forum should feel being it 1 day or 1 year smoke free ...Very proud of ourselves !!!

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  • Hercu, what a fantastic post!

  • Well said hercu great post! :) I just popped on for bit of support as still only at the start of my journey day 2, feeling pretty good though  about things atm especially after reading these posts! :)

  • Ah Hercu, another inspiring, excellent written post that I will add to my 'Hercu's Collection!'.   You have such a great way of communicating in such a positive light and as usual I am so grateful!

    Huge congratulations on reaching your 10 month milestone, you have embraced your quit and our quits on here and you would be a great advertisement to give up smoking!   

    Next milestone now is the Penthouse and by god that is going to be some party!   Let me know if you need a hand in the  celebratory preparations for it, may need to check in with Incy_Wincy aswell to see how she is getting on there!   Believe it is fantastic!

    Well done, you so deserve this and to get back to that 25 year old stud!!

  • Incy_Wincy was on here for my last quit. Really glad that she made it to the penthouse

  • Yeh...With her lovely slogan: and out came the Sunshine !!!

  • Thank you Roisin...We have been in this together for months now and I am so glad we are nailing it..You, Incy, Mmaya, Canwes, Linda to name just a few and never forgetting our new friends...!

    That Party in the Penthouse will be Huge and yes will need all the help... Thanks...!~!

    Wow!!!...That 25 year old stud is something to look forward to !!

  • Great post Hercu and well done on reaching ten months :-) 

  • Love the post and congrats on 10 months

  • Great achievement Hercu...not far from that penthouse now!

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