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Hey ya'll,

Just checking in. Okay, so I am nearing my 6 month mark and man o man it's been a little hard this month so far. I am taking a hard class and it's stressing me like crazy because I just want to pass it with an A or a B, but it looks like a C will end up being my grade as of now. I've accepted that, but it's like my chest hurts the last few days and belly issues so I'm not feeling 100%.

I actually craved a cig for the first time in a long time yesterday while I was driving and I was like what is happening here? I tossed some gum in my mouth and took a few deep breaths and kept on driving. I thought that this would get easier as time passed? lol.. My body doesn't want a cigarette. It's my mind telling me to do what it was so used to doing. It makes me anxious now thinking about having that craving because I really don't want to smoke again. I don't plan to. Just stressed out.

Divorce is inevitable for me and I'm in the grieving stages as my mentor tells me and it's tough. I quit around the time I quit hearing from my husband. Odd how that happened.. Anyway, this is a no smoking blog, not Ricki Lake. I just wanted to inform folks to keep vigilant because these cravings sneak up on ya. It freaked me out, but I think I'll be okay. Love ya'll and hope everyone is doing well, living a smoke free life :) God bless!

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  • Well done to not giving into that trick of the brain. I too have had a couple of those moments recently and ive laughed and told my brain (in my head of course ) you ain't having it. Few deep breaths and im over it.

  • Am new and reading posts. Only 49 days today, but your attitude inspires me. Life is hard and you are STILL focused on your quit. Though I don't know you am Very proud of you and pray i can be as strong as you!

  • Welcome here and thank you so very much! I often hope that when I write about my experiences that it will help someone else, and I'm grateful it does. Congrats on your almost two months of being smoke free! It's not an easy feat but it is well worth it in the long run. I think about being smoke free everyday because I'm still surprised that after 18 years, I was able to quit.

    Stay strong! We got this, one day at a time! :)

  • Am taking it a day at a time. Smoked 35 years so my whole adult life and many teenage years. Thanks for your kind words.

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