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Greetings from a friend!

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USNx1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Roisin01, been awhile since I’ve visited the site, as always your doing a great job keeping the site active. Really like the reward badges - great idea. Can’t believe it’s been a little over two years on the quit list. Couldn’t have done it without the push to continue the fight from the folks on this site and my two buddies pictured below.

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Lizzie742 Years Smoke Free

Well done on your fantastic 2+ year quit x

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USNx1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to Lizzie74

Thanks Lizzie!!! Your also doing great - 6 months is a awesome milestone - the penthouse is awaiting for you!!!!

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Ah USNx , sorry for only replying now, had a hectic Halloween bank holiday weekend :O

Great to hear from you, graduated from my Professional Cookery course a couple of weeks ago and starting a new job in a local restaurant as a Commis chef middle of November.

Keep on plodding along nicely and in touch with us when you can :)

PS Your buddies are adorable

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USNx1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

One day I'm gonna get to the other side of the pond!! Great job in the completion of your course, your dream job is coming. Thanks for the encouragement !!

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