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3 days smoke free 😊

I'm currently 3 days smoke free! I'm so proud of myself. I'm using the nhs smoke free app and it says I've saved £20 already... I'm now looking at what I could treat myself with as a reward. I'm taking champix and I'm on my 13th day of them. I'm getting cravings but they are not very intense. I downloaded some puzzle games on my phone and they have helped to take my mind off. Also the nausea that comes with taking champix has pretty much gone thank God. I keep having really strange dreams over and over again. I'm also feeling constantly tired not sure if this is nicotine withdrawal or the champix.

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Well done Quiterjo - the nicotine is now out of your system so the mental battle will begin as your body and mind start the gradual process of rewiring, repairing and recovering so you need to be ready to attack will all you have, you will have good days and out of the blue bad days but for every day that passes the stronger and easier it will become, stay close to us :)

The nausea, tiredness and vivid dreams are probably a combination of the side effects of champix and from stopping. The tingling feeling in your arms and finger tips is also a withdrawal too but if get worse or not improve/ease off, see your doctor immediately. Below is a link to champix side effects


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