First Post - Day 36

Hope everyone reading is feeling successful despite the struggle. I am using chantix to help me after 20 years starting as a young teen and am grateful for the assistance. It was easy initially but becomes hard at times as I am sure y'all know... Trying to work out again and going to bed without hacking has been a huge bonus, but I am looking for you to post your most unobvious benefit that you have experienced by quitting. Continued luck for you.

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  • Hi, I'm on day 40 today with champix, I've cut back to one tablet in the morning now.........apart from the cravings still, I find the biggest benefit for me is doing things with my children or around the house and not having to stop just to have a cigarette and I feel proud when I'm busy and don't think about are doing great, I'm finding it useful to set little milestones, 40 days today but I'll also make 6 weeks on Monday lol so not far between each milestone 😊

  • Welcome Jensherg11 and congratulations on 40 days quit, well done! I do milestone badges here for the community members - your over 1 month badge is on its way and your next one will be at 50 days, you appear to be in a great mindset which will stand to you, keep in touch with us :)

  • How is things Jensherg11 - looking forward to reading your introductory post with an update when you get a chance, hope things are continuing to go well for you?

  • Hello and welcome!

    I think my least obvious benefit was stress and worry. Quitting has meant that I am no longer controlled by smoking and so the worry about not being able to smoke has simply gone away. My time is not consumed by thoughts about when or if I can smoke.

  • Welcome Spee_Lit and huge congratulations on 36 days quit, well done!!

    I quit cold turkey 2 years ago on 17 September and the most unobivous benefit I have experienced in my journey is my confidence, I no longer hide behind a cigarette as a crutch and it no longer holds me back, in the last year I have done so much that I truly believe I would not have done if I was still smoking (going to do up a post shortly with what I am talking about), I also very surprisingly deal with stress alot more calmly and rationally since I quit as instead of chain smoking I tend to think and comtemplate the situation and work through it.

    We look forward to reading your progress updates and helping you if needed :)

  • Thanks for the insights folks! I feel like this will be the time, and can tell all the time I am saving not worrying about that next smoke 😂😂😂

  • Good to read Spee_Lit

  • Hi

    I'm on day 15 and already I've noticed my stress levels are lower, my skin feels better and looks brighter and my teeth are so much whiter!! Quite grossed out when I think of smoking now!! Champix has made me have vivid dreams and feel nauseas at times but I'm so happy it's working! Well done to you too :) x

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