50 Days!!!!

today and cannot believe it - have lost count of the number of attempts at quitting, this is the longest I have ever been quit and absolutely surprised myself that I done it, still early days but feeling confident that kicking Mr Nico in the butt - good days are by far out weighing the bad days and overcoming daily curve balls which non smokers have to do all the time which I keep telling myself!!

I will be wearing my 50 days badge with pride!!

5 Replies

  • Congratulations Exfirecracker and so you should wear that badge with pride! Keep up the great work :)

  • Oh Yeah! 😃😃😃

    That is a brilliant achievement. You should be feeling really proud if yourself.

    Excellent stuff!

    Keep going strong. 👍

  • Well done I've just found mine to be 59 days today. You are right there's more good days then bad. Also when I'm stressed my first thought isn't the horrible smelly disgusting stuff anymore. Good times ahead 😀

  • Well done melsamoo , good to meet another quitting buddy ;)

  • Good to meet you too Exfirecracker :)

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