Going Wild

Right, I am starting to go wild with all the free time I have now that I've quit. I am going to hit my bucket list. I have already written three novels, I am going to finish a fourth within three months. Second, I learned to play guitar years ago but never gigged. I am going to an open mic evening and I am going to perform three songs for the first time ever within the next two months. Call me JJ Cale. Let's hope my lungs hold out. I am still eating a lot of chocolate, that will end soon or I will end up like Barry White (large not dead I hope, bless him). :)

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  • That first sentence was rubbish. Where's the edit feature?

  • Hello bobb,

    Go to your post and click on the drop down bar next to the "Like" button. The edit feature is in there.

    Nice bucket list! I play guitar myself and can confirm performing in front of people is terrifying but ultimately worth it!

  • I'm going to do Get Off My Cloud and The Green Manalishi. And maybe Wishing Well. That should get me a few free pints. :p

  • I would give you a free pint for Wishing Well! That one is a little to "strainful" for me to sing these days when the key changes after the solo.

  • Good point. I'll sing it in the style of Lou Reed then I won't have to hit the right notes. :)

  • I like that strategy!

  • Ah bobb10, really loving your positive, breath of fresh air attitude and it brought a smile to my face on a rainy and blustery Sunday afternoon here in Ireland.

    This quitting business definitely brings on a new found confidence, well, it did for me anyway as done a complete u-turn in career after being made redundant from a 20 year office job last August. I have a passion for cooking and baking so done a course in Professional Cookery for the year and passed, got my results there on Friday so I ready to take on the next stage of my dream to do homemade bread making.

    Delighted to see you are following your dreams too, wishing you the best of luck with the gig, and completing your 3rd novel, wow, that is great - what sort of novels are they?

    PS Don't tell me you are another one living near a beach, sooo jealous of that if you are as think it is the most tranquil place in the world?

  • Keep that home made bread away from me or I will balloon. I would have chocolate sandwiches.

    Heh he, 4th novel, one of them's here: amazon.co.uk/Spring-Clean-P...

    Thta's a really old photo and I still don't have a moustache. And no, took me an hour and a half to get to the beach but what a great day.

    Good luck with that bread stuff. I can smell it, it's torture .... :)

  • Ah class Robert!! We have quite a mixture of professions here which is great, from mad scientists Nozmo , Co-operate lawyer FordyP Police Constable melf123 Owner of a Banana farmer in S Africia Hercu and myself soon to be a Masterchef! Could be good material for your 4th novel!

  • Adrift without a fag. That's a good title.

  • "Smokeless world in one jar"

  • You're a star!!!!

  • I wouldn't go that far. :)

  • Oh but you are! Funny and inspirational, all star qualities fella 😊

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