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weekly update

hi all, just me checking in with my weekly update.

The past couple of days have been very easy - weirdly easy, almost like a calm before the storm. I assume my bad days will become a bit fewer and further between which is good. I am finding throughout the day I have forgot about cigarettes. feels good. I do find the psychological aspect hard. For example, i am having to deal with stress cold turkey. any kind of stress etc i would have had a cig to "calm me down." it was my shield and now i am having to find a new kind of stress reliever which is just riding it out until my nerves settle. On Saturday night i was out and had an insane amount of alcohol, beer, wine, prosecco, vodka, whisky, you name it i drank it and even at my worst (or best lol) i still didn't have a is odd though.

I say it in every post but this group has been the deal breaker for me. without your help and advice i cant honestly say i would still be off them. sharing my experiences with people who have been there and who are currently there has helped me so much especially for the reassurance that what i am expecting is normal. feel good to not be going through this alone.

I am going to Greece here on Tuesday and i am hoping it all goes well but i am so confident. ive never been unconfident and since i have quit ive never wanted a cigarette...weird. You deffo reach that point in your life where you have to be in the place and ready to quit. I always loved it and gave up for the wrong reasons. Bottom line is, i don't want to die any earlier than i have too. i have just been blessed with a niece, they stopped selling tens, they upped the price, my uncle died of smoking related illnesses, i noticed my fitness decrease, i am only 28 and thought i had way too many wrinkles then necessary, i am in a fairly new relationship, i have just moved house. so many different factors which contributed me to quitting.

I am aware i have talked on here! lol

How is everyone else getting on?

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Hey Matt28 , what a great weekly update - you remind so much of my hubbies quit journey and he is over 3 years quit there in May. He just like you had enough, quit and never looked back. I followed him a year and a half after him and now I am heading to 2 years in September but I struggled a lot more than him as he smoked out of habit whereas I smoked to get me through day to day life as that is what I thought a cigarette done for me as like many of us here I was brainwashed into thinking smoking made everything alright or better.

I really feel Matt, you have nailed this, congratulations and keep going the way you are :)


Can always rely on you for a good honest bit of support and advice. Thank you. Can't wait until I celebrate 2 years! X


Hiya Matt,

How brilliant to read your post, great to hear you're doing well! Fantastic that you managed to get out and a bit merry (hahahahahaha) and still didn't want one! That happens to me too, ironically alcohol doesn't trigger a craving.

I'm struggling a bit with physical symptoms atm. Or maybe things which were masked with cigarettes before, also some nightmares and insomnia. I'm sure it will pass but going to gp to be sure.

Hope your holiday is wonderful!! Again, so good to hear from you... am two months in myself and I know I'm done with fags for good. It ain't always easy, but I think like you, I was ready.

All the best lovely xx :)


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