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Week 13 and its not that great


Just a quick update on how things are going for me. I'm about half way through week 13 now and things are still not that great. I really need to get this alcohol thing under control or I'll have a problem with that too. I went through a small bottle of whisky again last night, had 4 beers the night before that, wine and beer the day before that and so on. I've decided to stop drinking altogether now because its getting silly. I'm now certain its a smoking substitute for me because when I smoked drinking never really interested me, I could take it or leave it and I normally left it !

I'm still grieving for my cigarettes and the last week I've been feeling really sad and depressed. I wouldnt say it was like craving, just a sad feeling of loss. I just really miss it and have problems dealing with life in general these days.

Sorry for the moaning and complaining, it just helps to get it all off my chest and here is really the only place I feel I can do that.

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"I'm still grieving for my cigarettes and the last week I've been feeling really sad and depressed. I wouldnt say it was like craving, just a sad feeling of loss. I just really miss it and have problems dealing with life in general these days."

I'm getting the same thing. Into week 9 and I just feel bloody miserable.

im not that far

hi james im only on my 14 day and im in and out of depression and and cupboard ,fridge,bag looking for food to replace the ciggs bloody gutted spent all year eating health for my hols and wot for cause at th rate im going ill be the size of a house you keep going and you ll be fine

take care janey


Come on guys!!!

I feel crap sometimes-yep the missing feeling but as soon as i start thinking like that, i keep myself busy- i also think everytime you feel down the first thing you blame it on is not smoking.

I found aswell that the 'newness' of being a non smoker fades, people stop showing interest, you forget how awful being a smoker is and the negatives attached to smoking. This can be a lonely hard personnal battle, so feeling alittle down is common.

Starting new hobbies, keeping yourself busy does keep your mind off things-i have put 9llbs on due to eating crap-so i joined the gym-i can afford this now im not spending a fortune every month, and doing that has given me more energy and enjoying being a non smoker!!!

I have been trying to keep busy, so much so that I end up completely knackering myself out. Just sometimes its not enough. Sorry to be so negative though, you're right about joining a gym, I think I might give that a go.

Its also good to know there are others going through the same sort of stuff I am going through, thanks for the replies folks. I guess I still just need to take it a day at a time. I seriously cant go through the rest of my life like this though.

Let's not forget, life, generaly, is crap....

... but it is the ONE life we've been given so you either get busy living or ....

Sure - things are tough James and today you are really feeling it but believe me, going back to ciggies really won't help. In fact it will make it much worse - think about the waste of money it was. You have done a REALLY positive thing by getting ciggies out of your life, don't forget that.

I have also found that a small (or not so small) glass of scotch was a good ciggie substitute for a while. Then last week I was ill with a stomach bug so I couldn't face a drink.

That made me realise that I was perhaps drinking too much - now am just drinking at weekends. I feel like I am really getting control of my life.

Please don't grieve for your ciggies - they are not worth it. Celebrate the fact that you are regaining control and enjoy your freedom!

Sorry things have been tough James.... of course I know the feeling you talk of...... but it is exactly this type of thinking..... moping, grieving, thinking negatively that keeps the fags unimaginatively powerful and present in your life. Even though I knew NOT to have those types of thoughts they still persisted with me as well with every past quit..... I have been listening to a hypnosis cd and I am very surprised how it has helped my thinking...... it is more positive in respect of my quit and even more surprisingly I keep forgetting about them and I am only in week four..... it takes a good month for a habit to change but if you don't change your thinking it will be the way it is now in a couple of months still and I would hate for you to be feeling so poorly..... so maybe you can try hypnosis or positive daily self-talk, or writing things down, positive visualization.... I don't know what suits your. Hope you feel better soon.

"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so."

I am a bit new to this no smoking thing ( day 13 ) but if after 13 weeks you go back to smoking its because you WANT to smoke..Its certainly not because you NEED to. I understand missing having a smoke ...I do too to some extend.It is however a bit like missing getting punched in the face..:confused:

Chin up ,your 13 weeks in. You should be feeling like a hero:D



The liver can regenerate the lungs cant, fact.

Take one step at a time, early days yet mate just gotta keep going.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the supportive posts folks, they are appreciated. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little better, I'll post an update either way. I havnt had a drink tonight and am already starting to feel a bit better for NOT drinking! I definetly think that is the way to go for me. I'm an all or nothing kind of guy, always have been. I'm not saying I'll never drink again or anything like that but I am going to knock it on the head for a while for sure.

As already said, after 13 weeks I dont have any physical cravings at all now, its just mental now.

Thanks again.

Hi James

Sorry you are finding it tough at the moment but it will get better again I promise and although you're not getting the craves as you say it is just mental now you say that tonight you feel a bit better for not drinking so that will make it easy for you just don't drink why not do some readinginstead that will really help I am almost 4 months now and still need to read sometimes



Thanks Margaret, I've been trying to keep busy and am seeing it through. I woke up really early today with the nasty anxious feeling again, I thought that was behind me but its back :( I actually wake up feeling terrified for some reason. Of what I cant say, and as soon as I get up the feeling subsides.

I am craving massively today, almost like being on day 1 again. I cant say why and see no reason for this. Not to worry, I certainly wont cave in, its just annoying.

I keep telling myself what I have told myself from day 1, that if, in a years time (9 months now) I feel the same way I will start again and not look back, but I need to at least make it to a year. An odd way to look at it for alot of people I guess but it stops me from lighting one up !!

Anyway thanks for all the kind messages of support. Im off to watch my sunday afternoon movie.

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