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No Smoking Day
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Big test this weekend

Hi all

Doing fine with my quit, occasionally thinking about fags but soon forgotten.

I ran my fastest time so far on the C25K this morning - well chuffed.

Big test this weekend that I am kind of uncomfortable with.

My best mate has his 40th birthday party on Saturday.....everyone, and I mean everyone that will be there smokes, both fags and the more exotic dutch versions ;).

Last party there I smoked so much that I lost my voice, and came home at around 8am very very drunk. :D

Since quitting, I have kept the beer consumption to a minimum

For sure I will be downing several on Saturday so this will be a big test.

I know I can do it, just feeling a bit apprehensive that I could have a drunken "fudge it" moment.....i might need to step out for a forum fix :D

Hope you are all doing well, keep healthy!

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That's a big test but as long as you go into it determined not to smoke then you should be fine. Haha "dutch versions" those count too!

What week are you up to with your C25K? Have you done your local Parkrun yet? x


Im on week 5 Kirstie, sometimes repeating the workout a couple of times until im comfortable with it.

It isnt the "real" c25k...its a dutch equivalent, i cannot see any local park run on it.

I knew the dutch versions would count too :o, maybe a slice of special birthday cake :p......how naughty of me.

Anythings better than fags tho......I CAN DO THIS!!!!M


I didn't do the real C25K either, but all versions are pretty similar. I found that running really help my quit and gave me more motivation to quit because I can't run if I smoke!

Stick to the cake I think, all the fun but no failing in your quit ;) x


Birthday cake (and indeed any 'hash' brownies that happen to be going begging) definitely don't count Andy :D

As for the other variety (and anything else potentially involving the Demon Nic) stay strong and as you have suggested, if it gets too much make your excuses and log onto the forum for moral support (or in the worst case scenario, leave the party). I'm sure you'll be fine (and have a good old knees-up which is probably exactly what you need at this stage in proceedings). :)


As always, wonderful support and advice from you all :D

Cake, brownies, truffles & beer it is.......man, put some flowers in my hair and off to woodstock we go :cool:

Deal TG!

If I do log on to the forum, excuses in advance for my ramblings ;)


Hi Andy

Well done on your quit so far. Ive seen your recent post where you are going to be among friends and possibly a night out with alcohol in full flow, I can see why youd be apprehensive about the evening.

P.S. Please note I'm relying on you to stay quit as you're my peer in this forum.

Please wear an elastic band on your wrist on the said evening and if you are tempted, stretch the band as far as you can and then let go!! A wee reminder that I'm watching you lol



Breathe free and stay safe



youll be just fine ! especially since you've been smart enough to do all the 'thinking' before hand rather than get caught unaware in the moment !

anyway, since you and TG both have tough weekends coming up, ill share my method with you. I know you guys are much further into your quits, but maybe itll help.

ive been around smokers, especially while drinking...and yes i had the cravings most out of habit ! rest out of 'wanting' to smoke, smelling it, watching the smoke...etc. etc. etc.

now i had some terrible withdrawl symptoms and experiences very early in my quit, incredibly irritable cold, throat corseness, and the sleepless nights ive been bitching about on this forum for a long time......

i remind myself of all that, and ask myself, the decision to quit was mine, i went through that all if i slip right now and decide to quit again...ill have to go through all that again, can it possibly be worth it ? and the answer is f**k no !!!

though the plastic band around the wrist sounds good too ! haha

and don't worry about posting your drunk ramblings here :P

Andy, TG ! stay strong !!! and have a great time !! I'm the last person I though who would ever say this....but it is possible to have a great time with some drinks and no fags !



i remind myself of all that, and ask myself, the decision to quit was mine, i went through that all if i slip right now and decide to quit again...ill have to go through all that again, can it possibly be worth it ? and the answer is f**k no !!!

Snap Pseud! That thought was the only thing that kept me going on occasions. :)


*shrug* what can I say ?

great minds......



Hi Andy, Hoping your weekend test went ok, I'm sure you will have been brilliant though:)


Hi all

Both gizmo and tractor are safe :)

What a major test last night.....really could have caved in, but didn't!

Now have the hangover from hell, but it's my first as a non smoker :D

Thx to you all for the fab support,as always


Oh Well Done Andy!! :D

I knew you'd get through it with flying colours. That's one truly brilliant achievement. It'll never be so difficult again.

I really hope you're enjoying your first nicotine-free hangover. ;)

Was it a hoot? Sounds like it was a night to remember (if, indeed, you can remember much about it :))


Well done Andy, I'm glad you got through a big night out :D


haha hope I'm not tooo late to send many congrats your way !!


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