Never picking that poison again

I so regret picking up cigs, so I already put up a post about my bloating issues now to add to that, I get dizzy spells and much so that I actually start shaking and think I might faint.what's funny is I only smoked for a couple weeks.not even up to a month and I stop smoking bout a week ago.pls any advice on to deal with this ?cos I feel like crap

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  • Please rill, as advised to you in your first post, you need to go to a doctor as soon as possible, maybe head to A&E now as for a short term smoker of less than a month it does not sound smoking related. This community sole aim is for help, support and advice and share struggles etc. in our quitting journeys. We would not have the professional medical knowledge or advice that you need - let us know how you get on.....

  • hi rill

    I agree with @roisin.get check at docs.

    even a call to 101 or is 111 (you are in UK )

    take care 😊

  • Did you go to your doctor rill

  • Hi , I didn't I decided to wait out the week before I did and honestly am glad I did. The bloating is gone, maybe it was all in my head I Dont Know but am better now.all am left with is shortness of breath but it comes and goes. Thanks for your concern Roisin

  • Ah, thanks for replying rill and good to read that things have improved for you. How are getting on, 11 days smoke free now??

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