Nicotine Free :)

Hi folks, sorry not been on for a few weeks. Turned 40 just over a week ago and been busy doing lots of lovely things to celebrate. one of those was finishing the patches. I had a sinus infection a couple of days before my birthday and forgot to put them on for 2 days so just went with it. And its been ok, I am delighted. I actually stood at the kiosk to buy water in the supermarket yesterday and didn't even think about buying cigarettes. I'm not taking it for granted that its all going to be easy and after a few failed quits in the past six months I need to keep my guard up but I am really happy.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support during a very stressful time in my life. Mum is doing well health wise (so far so good) so life is less stressful now :)

7 Weeks and counting.

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  • hi debsmcphee

    glad your mam is doing ok, 😁

    they say life begins at 40.never understood it 😁

    you take care 😊

    do keep kicking 😁

  • Thanks very much. I've decided to embrace being 40 and got the extra ear piercings I've always wanted for my Birthday (lot sorer than I though - eek). I think my life might actually get better from here on in :)

    Thanks for your message about Molly. Blinkin hard watching my Mum go through it all but we are all glad the dog was part of our lives, she was a very special girl :).


  • I know how special they are,I lost my best friend a couple of years ago now and I still miss him,

    cant face getting another dog,I suppose one day I will rescue one but not yet .

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😁

  • Hey debsmcphee - great to hear from you and Happy belated 40th!!

    I turned 42 in December and had promised myself for years that I would have quit by the time I turned 40 - ah well, better late than never eh?!

    Glad to hear Mum is ok and well done you for staying strong...

    Here's looking forward to week 8!!

    Mel :D x

  • Hello Mel, how are you doing?

    Quitting anytime is awesome I think. I want to get healthier in general now as I have a lot of weight to lose too. Have managed by some miracle to not put too much on since quitting thankfully.


  • Hey Debs,

    You sound like you've been lucky - I need to lose about a stone but I needed to anyway, quitting just made it worse pfft...

    Yes, other than that I am good thanks. I'm off to Majorca at end of April so looking forward to that and it will be my first smoke free holiday!

    I went for a pill check at the docs today and it's the first time I've been able to say "I don't smoke" to a health professional... it felt good (although I have to say that her reaction was a little underwhelming!).

    Take care hun - stay strong xx :D

  • Congrats on becoming nicotine-free and for your recent birthday. Glad you Mom is doing well too. You'll soon be at 2 months!

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