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Stopping the patches

I'm on week 8 (and a day lol) so I'm starting to prepare myself for the withdrawals when I stop the patches.

Do you have to finish the 10 week program or can you finish them when you feel ready 🤗

I think I'm ready to stop (have to psych myself up a bit more lol ).. or at least finish this week and just get the nicotine out of my system

Any advice?

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I have no experience Louiseb17 in the patches as quit cold turkey but would imagine if you feel strong enough to stop them, go ahead and bite the bullet, the physical nicotine withdrawal will only last 3 days, you are already on the mental battle so just plan and prepare yourself for keeping busy, lots of deep breathing and ice cold water for the severe, intense cravings over the 3 days, they will only last a couple of minutes, post here or go to a quiet place to the 5 second inhaling and exhaling breathing techniques to get you over them but above all be kind to yourself and reward yourself for every hour nicotine free - I promise you CAN do it and will be posting this day week how far you have come being nicotine free and up a notch and stronger in your quitting journey :)


Hi, I to choose the patch method, for me at least I did stay the recommended 12 weeks and slightly longer, I cut the corners off the smaller patch, so withdrawal, wouldn't be to difficult, when the day arrived to be patch free, I was just fine? I guess what suits one doesn't suit another, but no rush. If you feel ready go for it,


Your doing great:) I was on the patches for 12 weeks which did help me in my quit programme:) then I had spare ones which I cut up into squares if at any stage I needed one I would pop one on , but this Saturday will be my 9month quit , hard journey but feeling happy I had made it this far , I thought I only get to 2 weeks , got to want it :) fight the good fight 💪


Just to update.. 😊 Today is my last patch! While they definitely helped me quit.. I feel I am starting to panic if I can't feel the patch on me 😲 So im stopping them tomorrow woohoo

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