Non Smoking - Day 4. DETERMINATION

Hi folks. Day 4 today. My initial 'quit day' was 17/03/17 @18:00. But, I had 2 cigs Sat and 2 cigs Sunday. Sooooo it will be 96 hours at about 14:00 today. Had a little Nicorette gum but mainly trying to go cold turkey. Not as hard as I thought but I am definitely a little tetchy at times and trying to not cram every bit of food I see into my mouth.

Seen some really positive posts here that help - will be checking in every day for sure.

It feels wonderful to say I don't smoke and i'm really proud at myself for really making the effort to! The rewards will come...

Hang in there one and all.

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  • Welcome Natsinni and congratulations on Day 4 - I too quit cold turkey 18 months ago - never looked back! Keep up that positive attitude and be ready to attack at all times :)

  • hi Natsinni fantastic quit, day four is great!!😊😊 stay strong!!! 😊😊😊

  • You're over halfway to a week! Hang in there, you're doing great!!

  • Excellent!

    Well done and keep going!!

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