My own fault so off line for a bit

And while I'm still smoke free,as some know I have a false eye cover, I've lost it on Saturday when completely drunk.

Not allowed another on nhs. So feeling quite down as I'm at home and can't go to work,

My own fault, just wanted to let you know, will be away from the forum for a while

Keep going every one

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  • aww Tracey, think you need some hugs ()()()(), sorry your having a bad time, we have all done silly things when we have been under the influence, myself included (as recently as last week, still hiding from the neighbours!!) big hugs to you and stay strong x

  • hi nettynoono

    pray tell us more on your hiding from neighbours 😁

    what did you do 😁😁😁

  • Well Thinlizzy, If I told you I'd have to kill youπŸ˜‰ !!

  • ha ha ha

    ooooh you bad girl 😁

  • Oh no. Not sure what you can do - perhaps a little white lie is in order to see if you can get another one. Thinking of you. I hope that you are OK.

  • Sorry to read Tracey3 and hope you get it sorted but why are you going away from the community - you know yourself you need to be close to us - please re-consider or have you given up? (Sorry if being blunt...)

  • hi Tracey3

    how did you loose it ?

    what were you doing 😁

    but why cant you stay with us 😁

    has that corner shop opens up 😐 (no )

    I'm here (in spirit) I'm dying in bed (not really dying ) but I feel rubbish.

    keep in touch 😁

    take care 😊

    keep rocking and kicking 😁

  • Thanks , I can't have another which means I can't hobout, or to work , so all seems a pointless

    I don't feel can help any one at the moment

  • Take it easy Tracey, see you soon I hope.

  • It's a difficult time as can't go to work or go out with out it, so my life just changed,

    So for the moment I'm. not good at supporting people

  • Let us support you Tracey during this difficult time - please stay with us as you need it - even to just read and vent - that what the community is for.......

  • Tracey3 - please don't give up.. think about all of those lovely things you put on here about your Grandson.

    I agree with Roisin - if ever there was a time you needed to be close to us on here IT'S NOW - even if just to rant at us…

    Take care and hope you feel better soon.

    Mel :D

  • Hope everything works out for you Tracey3. There's a lot of people here if you ever want to talk don't feel that you are alone. We are not just a smoking forum but a community that will help in all walks off life. Big hugs x

  • hugs tracey3

  • I feel for you Tracy. Take care of yourself.

  • Take care Tracey3!

    Reading all these great replies makes me proud to be a part of this community. Not just the no smoking part, clearly you become friends also. Perfect!

    Stay strong!

  • Big day tomorrow for you Harkut - looking forward to you joining us in the penthouse!!

  • Thank you RoisinO1!!


    Looking forward to the penthouse πŸ€—

  • I know how you feel. Don't worry. You'll be back to kick more goals and doing better every time. See you soon

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