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Hi All,

Quick update - it's about a year since I had a real cigarette but I've been using an e-cig ever since. There are still lots of positives from not smoking actual cigarettes, but I think I'm too dependent on the electronic one. I hardly ever put it down, tbh. I suppose I should start addressing this, but at the moment, I've still got a few problems with RA and with a bit of depression. My mum died two days before Christmas so I've been a bit down. She was 92 so it wasn't completely unexpected but still, it's a tough thing.

So, keeping on with the ever-present ecig that looks like it's going nowhere without surgical removal. Still looking to stop or at least move on to a lower dose at some point, but it won't be for a while.

Hope you're all doing ok?


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  • I,m opening the door, to say a big hello.

    Thankyou for update, indeed the fact you have put pen to paper so to speak, indicates you want to lower your your vaping, but my word how well you have done, with all the upset in your life. Your not smoking, and for me that's magic, so a huge well done.

    I to suffer with RA, so can at least understand, well to a certain extent how you feel.

    Keep posting and reading, it will help

    I'm always saddened when people suffer difficult times, but you've not smoked, well done you

  • Thanks! And thanks for taking the time to reply!

    At least my house/clothes/hair/dog/cat don't reek of tobacco and I no longer have to have a panic attack and get out of bed in case I haven't put my last cigarette out properly!


  • Hello Terry, sounds like you have had a tough time of it so it's great the you are still off the real things

    I know you're not ready to cut down on the ecig yet but when you do think about it I would recommend gradually working your way down the nicotine levels until you get to 0%. You can even blend strengths to make the step down even more gradual and less noticeable. I think the idea of coming off them is a lot worse than the action. I found it a lot easier than quitting cigarettes but it still took me six months. Everybody is different...

    Keep it up, whatever you do.

  • Thanks for the encouragement and advice! I'm using the cigalike ones so I don't think I can blend strengths with them. I'm using elite curv and I know they do a lower strength version but I'll have to change to a different kind eventually to get down to 0%.

    Congratulations to you for getting of them entirely. It's helped a lot to hear that you found it easier than stopping cigarettes.


  • No problems!

    Maybe that's the first step when you do decide it's time - move to another brand first at the same strength. There's so much choice these days.

    At the minute though....just give yourself a pat on the back for staying off the cigs for a year!

  • Sounds like a plan!

  • hi attatel

    hope your feeling better this evening 😁

    e-sig is still a "emergency" part of my life.if I feel down I will go for it.I wont smoke again,

    it will work out.😁 when you're ready 😁

    your doing great 😁

    I know how you feel mam dying at dad died Christmas eve.he was early 70s (few years ago.not just last one )

    be strong 😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Thanks! Hope you're doing ok? xx

  • i vape im on 6mg nicotine started of at 16 dosnt matter if rely on vape i find it lot better im going to go to 0 nicotine by end next month but still vape as its hands got nothing to do but wd least im not only one quit smoking using vape makes me feel lot better i wouldnt been able quit otherwise

  • Hey Terry, very sorry to read of the loss of your Mam, wishing you strength to continue to get through this difficult time and times ahead.

    It is great to read an update from you and still going strong. You are not smoking cigarettes which is some achievement. Set a goal when you feel you will be ready to gradually cut down on the vaping, from the ex-vapers here, it is surprisingly not to bad to reduce but to do it gradually, keep in touch :)

  • hi Terry well done on your quit!! I am almost 11 months into my quit using an e cig and today was my first full day on zero nicotine. I am like you totally dependent on my e cig and to be honest I'm getting mighty fed up having to keep up with charging them and buying liquids and coils, its just a pain!!! It was always my plan to be nicotine free by the end of the my first year, so fingers crossed for me I will manage. So sorry to hear about your mam, your doing amazing, stay strong 😊 😊

  • Thanks and best of luck to you coming off the e-cigs! Fingers crossed! :-)

  • hi everyone can i ask question ..... im still getting craving for roll ups is that normal as starting worry me now

  • Treacle, I would start a new thread but yes craving is sadly totally normal. I'm not great at advice but there are some amazing people here who are so make a post asking this. You will get tons of brilliant feedback. Good luck!

  • This post is a bit old now so no one will see your question. That's why I said make a new post. X

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